Depositphotos launched new groundbreaking mobile reporter application Clashot.

Mar 08, 2013, 08:30 ET from Depositphotos

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Depositphotos, one of the fastest-growing microstock agencies in the world, launches its new groundbreaking mobile application Clashot.  Clashot not only gives you a chance to feel like a professional photojournalist, but also provides you with a unique opportunity to earn money shooting pictures with your mobile device.

Depositphotos understands the ever-growing role of editorial photography in the modern world and makes a daring attempt to disrupt the way the editorial photographs are produced and used by various consumers of visual products. Clashot manifests a completely new approach to editorial photography. It empowers any mobile user to become a professional photojournalist and to get paid for content.

Clashot represents a multifunctional online platform for editorial photographers, both professional and amateur, where they can publish photos taken with mobile devices, discuss the latest captured events and share their experience with highly enthusiastic community.

Clashot was born within a highly successful microstock marketplace Depositphotos, used by hundreds of thousands of pro photographers and thousands of agencies. Clashot absorbs the best practices of traditional microstock industry and combines them with the bold, liberating spirit of mobile space. The most newsworthy photos taken with Clashot will be available for sale in the Editorial section within Depositphotos, one of the largest microstock sites in the world. They can be found, reviewed and acquired by news agencies, website owners and publishing houses from all over the world.  All photojournalists/contibutors will receive commissions for every photo they sold.

Official launch of Clashot is scheduled at Expo Interactive in Austin at SXSW. Attendees will be encouraged to experience exciting process of making news. In fact the author of most LIKE'd photo taken with Clashot at SXSW is going to receive a reward of $5000. Iphonographers can find Clashot mobile reporter application on iTunes absolutely for free (the application versions for iPad and Android devices will follow). In order to join Clashot, as well as to have an opportunity to sell photographs, all you need to do is download the application, capture exciting event, combine several photos into report and upload it. Submitted images will appear on Clashot's website where you can engage in conversation with fellow photo journalists and discuss reports.

"In a modern world what matters the most is immediacy. And our goal is to redefine the very idea of editorial photography. Now everyone who has a mobile device can broadcast from a scene of an accident, inauguration, concert and list goes on. Clashot represents true stories told by witnesses immediately available for media. And with Clashot every contributor gets a credit not only in recognition but also in money value. In addition, we hope that Clashot would become a first step forward to the regulation of a legal mobile content usage issue in mass media. Besides that, a strong community of local editorial photographers is what the photo industry is definitely lacking at the moment," says Elena Flanagan-Eister, CEO of Depositphotos and Clashot.

To learn more about Clashot, please download the Clashot application from App Store, visit website, follow Clashot on Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter

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