DERMAFLASH™ First In Class Handheld Device Inspired By Dermaplaning Now Available For Use At Home

Skincare Revolution Takes Women From Fuzzy To Fabulous In A Flash

Nov 17, 2015, 06:35 ET from DERMAFLASH

CHICAGO, Nov. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- DD KARMA LLC launches DERMAFLASH, a revolutionary at-home professional quality exfoliation device for the removal of dead surface cells, vellus hair and built up debris. The clinical-strength solution is safe and effective for all skin types. 

Made specifically for women, DERMAFLASH brings a med spa inspired exfoliation experience home, comfortably and discreetly sweeping away skin imperfections, dullness and peach fuzz with a subtle sonic vibration. By gently removing dead cell build up and fine hairs round the forehead, cheeks, jaw line, lip and chin, DERMAFLASH creates a perfectly smooth luminous canvas for truly flawless skincare and makeup application.

"Sephora is excited to be launching DERMAFLASH as the first of its kind anti-aging and exfoliating device," says Priya Venkatesh, VP of Merchandising for Sephora.  "This technology brings a sought after spa treatment into people's own homes in a safe and efficacious way."

How It Works
DERMAFLASH is safe, fool-proof and color blind. The system comes with everything needed for six at-home treatments including prep cleanser, single-use edges and soothing balm. DERMAFLASH's single use edge comfortably hugs and contours the face, empowering women to achieve perfectly polished results in approximately 10 minutes, all in the convenience and privacy of their own bathroom. The DERMAFLASH edge is designed for sensitive skin with built-in safety features.

Reveal Radiance
Recommended Use: Wash face with DERMAFLASH's Prep Cleanser and pat dry. Clean skin is vital for optimal results. DERMAFLASH cheeks, chin, forehead, jawline, above and below the mouth. Apply Soothe to protect the skin's barrier and hydrate. Use weekly or as needed for smoother, healthier and more vibrant skin.

DERMAFLASH will be available beginning December 2015 at and  In January 2016, DERMAFLASH will be available in all Sephora stores and on nationwide and in Canada.
Retails $189.

Feeling is believing – join the revolution –

DERMAFLASH is a non-invasive at home exfoliating device; inspired by dermaplaning this intuitive design gently mimics the flutter and vibration of the hummingbird's wings. This tiny, agile bird glides effortlessly left, right, backwards and upside down. Bring back radiance and a more youthful appearance.


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