design3 Offers Over $5K in Prizes for Game Development Contest

design3 is calling on game developers to create 3D spaceships and game props for their up and coming video game by offering high-end software including Unity 3.4 + Android Pro.

Aug 09, 2011, 11:07 ET from design3

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- design3 announces their first ever game development contest where they'll be offering prizes worth over $5,000 to acquire spaceships and game props for their video game, 51 Run. Prizes include Unity 3.4 + Android Pro, Substance Designer 2, Mixamo 3D animation services, and design3 Memberships, and will feature the winners' work in the game.

51 Run is a 3D side-scrolling game built on the Unity engine and takes place 3 floors underground in Area 51. The player controls a quirky, frightened alien who is running to escape his captors, a zealous team of evil scientists. Using an assortment of tubes and ventilation ducts, the alien must make his way through the facility to his spaceship for ultimate escape.

"Every great game needs great textured prop models, that's why we're hosting this contest" said Casey Noland, design3's CEO. "There's so much talent out there - if you want the best, you have to ask the best!"

The contest is calling for designers to submit art for two modeling and texturing categories: 1) Make a spaceship, 2) Create game props. The winning spaceship model will be used to whisk the alien away to safety and can be anything from a typical circular UFO to an intergalactic space rocket. Game props are tools or furnishings utilized in the game. Examples include laboratory equipment (microscopes and beakers), tools for recapturing and escape (large butterfly nets and gigantic hammers), to ground floor desert props (cactuses and rattlesnakes). Entries are being accepted today through September 30th.

In addition to being fun to play, 51 Run will be used for the first ever start-to-end video game development training. design3 is documenting each stage of the development process via video tutorials that will be available on their website. At the completion of the project anyone will be able to follow along and make 51 Run themselves.

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