Detoxers Are Going 'Raw' and Discovering the True Benefits of Wheatgrass

Jan 23, 2014, 10:00 ET from Urban Health

LONDON, January 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

A UK company is making waves with what it describes as the 'most effective natural health supplement available'. Urban Health supplies its raw wheatgrass powder in handy sachets that are finding their way into the bags and back pockets of those who are serious about detoxing the body.

New age health gurus have long know the benefits of wheatgrass including increased energy from the body becoming less acidic, detoxification from the antioxidants and liver support, rejuvenation by important enzymes and a nutritional boost thanks to wheatgrass containing nearly the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Research dating as far back as 1925 demonstrated these benefits and wheatgrass became known as 'the world's first multivitamin'. However, accessing these benefits for the general public has meant navigating an array of products marked as 'superfoods', that in reality have been overprocessed, heated to destruction and lacking in any nutrition or benefit. By focusing on quality, Urban Health has made it easy and convenient to find out what wheatgrass is all about by delivering undamaged raw wholefood wheatgrass in handy sachets. Available in a one-month supply box of 30 in Holland and Barrett stores and online.

Urban Health was born out of a passion for ethical organic health and successfully retails its Wheatgrass and Acai sachets in cafes, juice bars, online and over 1,000 health stores.

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