Developers and engineers seek a long-term building envelope solution.

Jan 26, 2010, 09:00 ET from Green Turtle

TORONTO, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ - Durability has often been an issue for builders and architects due to the fact that developers want to build at the lowest cost possible. But as more developers choose to go green, and LEED certifications toughen, durability is brought to the forefront in building envelope construction.

"What we are seeing, on the buildings where there is a LEED status requirement for durability, is that developers are choosing to buy better materials up front." Said Douglas watts, architect and engineer of Read Jones Christoffersen, in a recent article in The Daily Commercial News.

So, why are some developers still installing concrete or metal grease interceptors that require replacement every 5-10 years? The environment inside a grease interceptor is so harsh and acidic it causes the concrete and metal to corrode. If the material inside is strong enough to do that, just think of the harm it does to our waterways and our environment.

When looking for durability, especially in the construction of a restaurant or automotive service centers, developers need to consider grease management units like the Proceptor and Retroceptor. Made from non-corroding fiberglass, with a unique design for simple and effective cleanout, they are built to last, and outlast. With less waste going to the landfills, no spills going into our water sheds, and a long durable life span, developers and engineers can rest easy knowing they made the right decision.

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