Development and Exploration of China Outdoor Products Enterprises

Nov 17, 2015, 18:00 ET from Welfulloutdoors

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Popularization of Outdoor activity is bringing more and more people into the outdoor industry and this boosts the development of the global outdoor industry.

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Europe and the United States are the first and second largest outdoor products markets. In 2012, European outdoors products sales amounted to about $13.3 billion, USA reached $11.3 billion. Japan, South Korea and China have become a main consumer market of outdoor products. In 2012, the expenditure of South Korea, Japan and China is $2.64 billion, $1.656 billion and $2.306 billion. In 2014, this amount in Japan and South Korea increased nearly 10% over the previous year, while China increased 35%. The Asian outdoor retail industry is playing an important role in the globe. Some of the Chinese's biggest suppliers are occupying more market in the global business such as Toread and Welfulloutdoors.

The rapid development of China's e-commerce makes the outdoor products industry change to fit in with the present environment. Let's follow with two characteristic enterprises to analyze the exploration of outdoor products enterprises.

Welfulloutdoors (

Welfulloutdoors benefits from experience in the field of international trade for 23 years. Since 2005, Welfulloutdoors began to explore the outdoor product market, and gradually became long-term cooperation partners with Walmart, Carrefour, Kmart, Aldi and other large supermarkets. The main products include tents, sleeping bags, camping furniture and mountaineering accessories.

Since 2008, Welfulloutfoors actively develops new sales channels by the Internet, such as Alibaba. Currently, 50% of their sales value comes from Alibaba platform, what they have found is far more than what we previously understood on e-commerce and supply chain.

New Business Model -

1. Vertical outdoor products B2B website: different from which covers all industry products and suppliers, Welfulloutdoors is focused on outdoor products and insisted on vertical B2B. They hope to go deep into the outdoor filed, and offer the best service for wholesalers with specialty and strong international trade comprehensive service ability.

2. B2B industry chain remodeling: with professional knowledge of the outdoor industry production chain, they improve the production efficiency through production elements segmentation and reorganization. This will be much different than, Alibaba is only an entrance, but it can't improve the efficiency of various industries.

3. Small orders service-Welbuy business: 1) Protect the intellectual property of the owner 2) Accept orders of buyers from other countries or areas whose quantity can't reach the MOQ but need the same type of products which are going to be produced. This business not only meets the needs of small orders, but also reduces the economic and time cost of small buyers.


Toread was established in 1999 and became a quoted company in October 2009. In the past 16 years, they have set up their own brands and marketing network to promote and manage their own supply chain. They  have had great success and finally built up their own online retail network and E-commerce system to offer all kinds of outdoor equipment.

We can observe from the above two brands about what they have done regarding the complex and huge marketing needs. Generally speaking, they should make great adjustments to meet the changing world as the single sales method will be eliminated by fierce competition.

With the hot trends of professional and superior outdoor demands and proficient market operation, Chinese suppliers are promising in ranking into the world's top outdoor industry.

The next important issue for all outdoor practitioners is how to optimize their products and brands to elevate the global market share so that they can possess more business opportunities.

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