Device Owners Need Choices To Control Their Personal Data

New revelations on smartphone app surveillance by the NSA and GCHQ raise concerns

Jan 30, 2014, 13:23 ET from Graphite Software

OTTAWA, Canada, Jan. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Graphite Software Corporation responds to the latest news that apps and ad networks on smartphones are used by the NSA and GCHQ to collect personal data on device owners.  Based on documents provided by Edward Snowden, The Guardian illuminates dedicated efforts by both agencies to siphon personally identifying data that is being passed over the mobile network by apps installed on mobile devices. The Guardian points out apps like Angry Birds that transmit users' private data across the mobile network and Internet.

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"This is exactly why we founded Graphite Software. We wanted to give device owners better control of their apps, accounts and personal data on their mobile phones," said Alec Main, CEO of Graphite Software. "The joke used to be that 'on the Internet no one can tell that you are a dog', but we are far from those early days of the Internet."  The Snowden leaks show that it is easy to gain access to data including phone model, screen size, personal age, gender and location. With additional analysis and aggregation of data it is possible to create rich profiles on individual device owners.

"The best way to prevent your personal data from being used is not to provide it at all," says Main. While most smartphone apps ask the user for permission to data and services on the phone, it is an all-or-nothing choice. Most users just accept the permissions without reading or understanding them. "As a security professional, I ask why does this game need access to my phone and contacts?" says Main, "but many user do not question this because they have no alternative."

Secure Spaces from Graphite Software allows device owners to create multiple Spaces on the device that are separated from your personal information. All apps still function correctly, even though there is no e-mail and no contacts to snoop upon. Alternately, device owners can set up different accounts in different Spaces if they want to have multiple personas on the web, such as for family, banking or gaming.

"We want to give device owners the chance to control their personal information and give them a choice compared to what is available today, or compared to carrying two phones.

Graphite Software's Secure Spaces is a light weight system-level virtualization technology that enables many different isolated "Spaces" on one device. This is critical for device owner privacy, including for remotely managed Spaces, such as for Enterprises' that support BYOD policies.

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