DeVries Global Reveals Shades of Otherhood Study and Shares Insights on an Influential Demographic: Women without Kids

Apr 29, 2014, 12:02 ET from DeVries Global

NEW YORK, April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, DeVries Global, a leading consumer PR and social media agency, introduced an agency-wide thought leadership and research initiative to identify behaviors of female consumers and how they differ based on having kids or not.

While the mom demographic is often explored in the public sphere and recognized by marketers, DeVries Global conducted proprietary research to shine the spotlight on the other women that exist to better understand their values and motivators as brands try to build products for them and communicate to them in a way that is meaningful.  

The research was inspired by the idea of "Otherhood," conceived by leading female influencer, Melanie Notkin. "Otherhood" refers to women who are without children by choice or by chance. This group includes 47% of women of childbearing age in the U.S. 

In our landmark study, "Shades of Otherhood" we define the non-mom as single and never married, living with a partner or a same-sex partner, married with no children, separated, divorced, or widowed. Whatever her exact situation is, the DeVries Global study set out to put our finger on the pulse of the non-mom segment. "This is a diverse and complex cohort that has finally found its time to shine," said Michael De Cicco, Senior Director of Research and Analytics at DeVries Global, who designed and led analysis of the "Shades of Otherhood" study.

The "Otherhood" consists of women from many different backgrounds: she could be single and never married, living with a partner or a same-sex partner, married with no children, separated, divorced, or widowed. But forget what you thought about single women and women without kids. The members of the "Otherhood" are much more savvy and dynamic than Carrie Bradshaw and pop culture depictions of yester year.

The insights revealed in our study, "Shades of Otherhood," debunk myths and stereotypes about this influential group of women and highlight opportunities to target their dynamic needs. "There is no 'normal' for women today. They are getting married later. Some aren't marrying at all. When they do, it could be to a man or to a woman. The fairytale is being rewritten and in some ways marketing hasn't caught up," said Adrianna G. Bevilaqua, Managing Director at DeVries Global. "It's our hope that this research will shed a much needed light on how women are really living today."

DeVries will release a white paper, host a panel discussion with influencers Melanie Notkin, author; Michael L. DeCicco, Senior Director of Research & Analytics at DeVries Global; Hannah Seligson, regular contributor to The New York Times; Rebecca Eisenberg, Deputy Editor of Upworthy; and Dr. Janet Taylor, a leading community psychiatrist; and share digital content that reveal insights on this influential group of women and how marketers can talk to them in a way that matters.

All are encouraged to join the conversation at #ShadesofOtherhood and to download the paper at

Studying the "Shades of Otherhood"
The landmark study of over 2,000 women was conducted in late 2013 through an independent online survey firm and explored who they are, how they are influenced and influence others, how they spend their time, their social footprint and of course the power of their wallet.

"The study set out to put our finger on the pulse of the non-mom segment, looking beyond the traditional gender or parental status, to show 'Otherhood' as a diverse and complex cohort that has finally found its time to shine," said Michael DeCicco, Senior Director, Research and Analytics for DeVries Global.

DeVries learned that women of the "Otherhood" are discerning shoppers who comparison shop and research the products they buy. While these women are focused on their careers, they do not want to be seen as a one-dimensional career woman who doesn't want a personal life. The "Otherhood" is not a group who is averse to having kids. In fact, many play an active role in the lives of their nieces and nephews or with their friend's children. Whether women of the "Otherhood" see having children in their future plans, ultimately they feel they can lead a happy life without children. 

The full white paper can be downloaded at

"Shades of Otherhood" Video
Upworthy is a mission-driven media company focused on drawing massive amounts of attention to things that matter in the world. Every day, curators unearth and spotlight awesome, important content using a proprietary approach that combines deep social science, strong voice and a passionate community to bring attention to issues ranging from human rights, to the economy, to gender equality. In partnership with DeVries, Upworthy will be distributing a video integrating stop-motion visuals with statistics from the research to showcase the "Otherhood" as a powerful cohort that should be recognized by marketers and media alike.

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