Deyu Agriculture Corp. Adds New Subsidiary, Extends Business Coverage to Northeast China

Jan 14, 2013, 08:00 ET from Deyu Agriculture Corp.

BEIJING, Jan. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Deyu Agriculture Corp. (OTCBB: DEYU) (the "Company"), a Shanxi Province, China based vertically integrated producer, processor, marketer and distributor of organic and other agricultural products made from corn and grains, announced today that the Company formed a 99% owned subsidiary, Jilin Jinglong Agriculture Development Limited ("Jinglong"), which is primarily engaged in the procurement, storage and sales of corn and grain.

In October 2012, Jinglong was incorporated in Jilin Province, one of the three Provinces of Northeast China, with registered capital of approximately US$3.2 million. The Provinces of Northeast China are some of the nation's top crop producing areas. According to the China's National Bureau of Statistics, in 2011, crop production from these regions collectively reached approximately 107.8 billion kilograms, which was approximately 18.9% of China's total crop production.

Regions in Northeast China are especially rich in the production of corn, rice and various types of grains, including soybeans, kidney beans and sunflower seeds. The area as whole is situated around the same Latitude (45° of North Latitude) as the U.S. and Ukraine corn belts, which are collectively known as the world's three "Golden Corn Belts."

"Setting up Jinglong is a major step for us in further developing our agriculture production chain," said Jianming Hao, Chief Executive Officer of Deyu. "With its strategic location in Jilin Province, we expect that Jinglong will play a pivotal role in extending our business coverage to the whole Northeast Region of China. Furthermore, by establishing a more complete value chain from the farm to the market, we are looking to strengthen our commitment to providing organic and green products, as we anticipate that Jilin will help us better ensure quality and efficiency, as well as fortify our resources to develop a more diversified product portfolio."

About Deyu Agriculture

Deyu Agriculture Corp. is a vertically integrated agricultural value chain from farmland to consumer market, which produces, processes, markets and distributes organic and other agricultural products made from corn and grains operating in Shanxi Province in China. The Company has access to over 109,000 acres of farmland in Shanxi Province for breeding, cultivating, processing, warehousing and distributing grain and corn products. Deyu Agriculture Corp. has an extensive wholesale network in over 15 provinces and a retail distribution network of approximately 20,000 supermarkets and convenience stores in 29 provinces across China. Deyu Agriculture Corp.'s facilities include sophisticated production lines and modern warehouses with a total production capacity of over 105,000 tons for grain products, storage capacity of over 100,000 tons and annual turnover of 700,000 tons for corn products. The Company's website is located at

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