Diamond Investments in the Pink

Sep 11, 2013, 07:16 ET from Dhillon & Partners

LONDON, September 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Even rarer than white diamonds, fancy coloured diamonds are set to dazzle investors.

DIAMONDS are forever, according to Shirley Bassey, and now they are set to give investors dazzling long-term returns with the launch of Dhillon & Partners' specialist new service.

A symbol of beauty and exclusivity, the consistently high value of these gems is widely known, but the gems sourced by Dhillon & Partners have an extra rare quality - their fancy colouring.

Until now little information has been available in the public domain about fancy coloured diamonds, which are so scarce that they make up only 1 in 10,000 carats mined.

But economic recession means demand has soared to an all-time high for low-risk tangible assets - so the girl's best friend is now the discerning investor's too.

Company owner Rav Dhillon said: "The reason many people have never heard of coloured diamonds is the fact that they are rarer than clear diamonds and come in an irregular supply. Most people do not want to promote coloured diamonds because of the possibility of a higher demand and no supply.

"However since the word is spreading they are becoming more available for the market. The beauty and rarity of coloured diamonds have spawned unprecedented desire and unparalleled prices."

For over 35 years coloured gems have outperformed virtually every other traditional tangible investment.

Since the early 1970s they have increased in value by an average of 10-15% each year - through periods of recession and economic instability.

And a pink diamond is about 20 times more valuable than a white diamond - in the last 10 years prices for pink diamonds have increased by 443%.

Prices have recently been driven up by the closure of some of the already limited number of diamond mines in Africa and Australia.

And now savvy investors are racing to buy and keep this finite, scarce resource before its value rockets up even further.

Demand from the jewellery industry in the Middle East, as well as investors in China, is rising so fast that Dhillon & Partners is now working with governments in Abu Dhabi and Ajman to build the first Diamond Centre of Excellence.

Boasting a total of 100 years of combined experience in the industry, the firm has amassed one of the largest inventories of investment-grade natural coloured diamonds and rare jewels from their sources around the globe.

And what other investment can be taken out in public and admired? The fancy coloured diamonds invested in can also be made into unique jewellery pieces at the Dhillon & Partners new online store.

Mr Dhillon said: "Fancy diamonds are performing even better than white diamonds and, remarkably, we believe that the growth seen recently may very well be the beginning phase of what could amount to an even more dramatic growth curve for fancy coloureds over the next several years due to the closure of the Argyle and Ellendale mines.

"Our mission is to educate, source and supply the most exclusive and beautiful natural fancy coloured diamonds - through our exclusive agreements we source the finest stones available in the world."

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