Diaper Buys Now Offers Adult Swimming Briefs

Apr 16, 2013, 13:39 ET from DiaperBuys.com

WIXOM, Mich., April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Summertime offers fun times at the pool and beach, with waves lapping at our feet offering relaxing and soothing sounds for one and all.  The idea of swimming in a pool or at the lake or ocean can cause individuals with adult incontinence issues not to join in the fun rather than risking an "accident," however. Theme parks with water active areas include the cost of swim pant/briefs for children into the entry cost, but what is an older youth or adult to do or wear to ensure they will not have an accident?

Luckily, today there are brief/pants that have been developed to fit from infant to adults. Diaper Buys, a leading provider of incontinence supplies for adults, juveniles, and babies, is pleased to offer these new swimming brief options for adults. The products have been designed to fit under bathing suits for men and women, the discreet fit and absorbency techniques have improved significantly over the past few years.

"Unfortunately there are millions of people who are dealing with urine, stool, or a combination of urine and stool and have given up on the simple joy of swimming or floating in the water," said a Diaper Buys representative. "But now with the adult swimming briefs on our site men and women can be stress free and confident while enjoying the pool or beach for a few hours or all day."

Diaper Buys can help customers find the right swimming brief product with the right fit. For all other needs they also offer a complete line of incontinence products for adults, youth, plus a full range of sizes for children and babies. Samples are available for many of the brands and types of supplies.

For more information on choosing the right incontinence supplies, speak to a customer service expert at 855-BUY-DIAPERS or visit www.diaperbuys.com.

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