Did L.A. Police Officials Subvert U.S. Immigration Laws? Full Disclosure Network(R) Documentary News Video (Online)

Jan 19, 2010, 06:00 ET from Full Disclosure Network

WASHINGTON, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Full Disclosure Network® (FDN) is releasing a ten minute video news documentary online (URL: http://tiny.cc/FDNews), covering the historic conflict between Federal and local law enforcement agencies over enforcement policies on U.S. immigration laws.  The conflict became public after the 9-11 terrorist attack that was blamed on foreign visitors who were in the country illegally.  The little known LAPD policy called "Special Order 40" that prohibits local police officers from enforcing U.S. Immigration laws came under fire and has since become the target of a court challenge by the Judicial Watch organization Sturgeon vs. Bratton and is headed for the U.S. Supreme Court.

L.A. Police officials featured in the FDN video describe their views and interpretation of the police policy that, still to this day, restricts LAPD officers from enforcing U.S. Immigration law.  This ten minute video can be seen online at this URL: http://tiny.cc/FDNews.

The FDN video news documentary features political appointees who served during a period of prolonged and massive illegal immigration in the nation's second largest city.  They describe their interpretation of immigration "status" and their policies.  Those appearing in the video are:

Debra Yang

U.S. Attorney, Central District of California (2002-2006)

Rick Caruso,

President, L.A. Board of Police Commissioners (2001-2005)

Edith Perez,

President, L.A. Board of Police Commissioners (1995-2001)

David Cunningham, III,

President, L.A. Board of Police Commissioners (2001-2005)

Bernard Parks, LAPD Chief of Police (1995-2000)

Richard Rogers,

District Director, U.S. Immigration Service (INS 1996-2001)

Gerry Ann Haslit,

L.A. Superior Court Information Officer

Sandy Gibbons,

L.A. District Attorney Information Officer

This Full Disclosure® Video news report was originally produced in 2005 to document the history of police policy and the non-enforcement of U.S. immigration laws while the "don't-ask, don't-tell" policy, Special Order 40 was in force.

Video clips used were taken from individual interviews by Full Disclosure® with the law enforcement officials over the past eighteen years.  Those interviews appeared on community and educational cable television channels as a public service of the Full Disclosure Network®.

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