Diesel Fuel is Filtered to Meet OEM Cleanliness Specs With New Fuel Coalescing Equipment

Jul 02, 2012, 14:00 ET from Oil Filtration Systems

BOERNE, Texas, July 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Oil Filtration Systems has announced a line of fuel filtration and fuel coalescer equipment to remove particulate and water contamination from #2 Diesel and other combustion fuels. These custom-built filter housing assemblies can ensure that #2 Diesel fuel meets or exceeds all stringent new fuel oil cleanliness specifications set by major turbine generator and large off-road equipment manufacturers.

Oil Filtration Systems' fuel filtration and fuel coalescer systems remove fuel contaminants via two processes: first, high efficiency filter elements remove particulate down to 1-micron to meet or exceed specifications as low as ISO 14/12/11. Next, high efficiency coalescer and separator elements remove free water to less than 50 PPM levels.

The fuel filter / coalescers are intended for #2 Diesel fuel for use in turbines, as well as high sulphur and low sulphur #2 Diesel fuel for use in CAT® haul trucks and other large mobile equipment. Additionally, the equipment is used to remove contamination from medium unleaded gasoline, light fuel oil, naphtha and alcohols. Units are sized to handle flow rates as little as 50 GPM or as much as 2,000 GPM or more. The fuel filter / fuel coalescers can help prevent fouling and clogging of fuel injectors on turbine generators and newer Tier 2 and Tier 3 diesel engines. On larger off-road equipment, the systems can also prevent premature plugging of fuel filters.

Oil Filtration Systems (OFS) manufactures filtration systems for petroleum and many chemical product applications. By preventing the unnecessary disposal of millions of gallons of oil and fuels every year, OFS plays a significant role in helping to protect the environment. The company designs and manufacturers a wide variety of systems to remove contaminants such as water, particulate, gas and acid from industrial fluids. OFS is located at 111 Parkway Drive, Boerne, Texas 78006. Telephone: 800-449-0262  FAX: 830-816-3331  Web: www.oilfiltrationsystems.com. Oil Filtration Systems is a Clark-Reliance Company.

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