Diesel Technology Forum Statement on President Obama's Energy Speech

Mar 30, 2011, 17:57 ET from Diesel Technology Forum

"Diesel technology will continue to be the lifeblood of our economy, powering the overwhelming majority of the nation's construction, goods movement, mining and public transportation." – Allen Schaeffer

WASHINGTON, March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum, issued the following regarding President Obama's speech energy plan speech today.

"In today's speech, President Obama touched on some energy sources – some of which are in developmental stages or won't be functional for many years.  Fortunately, we have a source of power that is efficient and clean that exists today and will continue to get more efficient as its technology continues to advance.

"Diesel power can and must be part of our current and future national energy strategy.  No other internal combustion engine in the world is as energy efficient as the diesel engine.  Along with advancements in efficiency, and ability to use renewable fuels, diesel fuel is particularly well positioned for the future.  

Conservation and Incremental Improvements Critical For Delivering Real Results

"Investments in alternative fuels and energy technologies often become the focus of conversations about national energy strategy, and this case is no exception.  But everyone knows that it is conservation and the incremental improvements and innovation in the existing fuel efficient technologies that are critical to delivering real results.  Clean Diesel power is the quintessential of those existing technologies.

94 Percent of Global Trade Is Diesel-Powered

"Diesel engines and equipment run the world's global trade. About 94 percent of global trade is now diesel-powered when measured in tons per kilometer.

"Diesel technology gives unmatched power density that powers a wide variety of engines throughout the world – from the most fuel efficient cars to the world's largest mining machines.  It will continue to be the lifeblood of our economy, powering the overwhelming majority of the nation's construction, goods movement, mining and public transportation.

Clean Diesel Cars Are 20 To 40 Percent More Efficient Than Gas Cars

"Energy efficiency and conservation have been key drivers of investments in diesel engines and fuels for decades and the benefits are on display today:

  • Hundreds of thousands of Americans are marking this 75th anniversary of commercial availability of diesel engines in passenger cars by driving the new generation of clean diesel cars that are 20-40 percent more efficient than comparable gasoline vehicles, and in some cases more efficient than gasoline hybrid vehicles;
  • In a four year period, American pick-up truck buyers that chose a diesel over a gasoline engine have saved 21 times more fuel than all the hybrid vehicles combined (Pick-ups purchased 1994-2007 vs. 2003-2007 Prius HEV; Martec Group, 2009.);
  • New commercial tractor-trailer trucks made since 2010 are reporting gains of five to twenty  percent in fuel economy which will result in huge annual savings of petroleum consumption;  
  • New off-road construction machines and farm equipment powered by diesel engines enable greater productivity and work than ever before in our history.

"The Diesel engine is also uniquely suited to take advantage of expanded use of renewable fuels.  Diesel was really the first internal combustion engine powered by renewable fuel, and today, most diesel engines are suitable for use with soy-based biodiesel fuels as well as the highly-anticipated second generation renewable diesel fuels made from a variety of feedstocks with advanced processing."

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