Digital 1 Media Services Opens, Providing New Online Distribution for Independent Artists and Labels

Jan 05, 2016, 09:00 ET from Digital 1 Media Services

MELBOURNE, Fla., Jan. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital 1 Media Services announces it is open for business, giving independent artists affordable access to the largest online music distribution channel in the world.

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Digital 1 Media Services reaches hundreds of online stores, streaming companies and mobile partners in more than 200 countries. The new company delivers clients' music to iTunes, Spotify, Beats Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, BeatPort Pro, and hundreds more options around the globe.

"We launched Digital 1 Media Services for artists and labels to get their music heard worldwide," said Vice President Joseph Patella. "I believe all artists, from emerging to established, should have affordable and equal access to all channels of music distribution and publishing."

Digital 1 Media Services offers a wide range of artist and label services including digital and physical distribution, warehousing and shipping of CDs, DVDs and vinyl records, music publishing, film/TV distribution, professional mastering, ringtone distribution, radio promotions, video production, manufacturing, and graphic design.

Digital 1 Media Services has access to more than 20,000 retailers through its physical distribution partnership with AMPED Distribution, an independent distribution company dedicated to helping artists and labels reach music fans and consumers directly and easily.

Recording artists and labels get to set their selling price for sales on Digital 1 Retail, a division of Digital 1 Media Services that offers access to nearly 10,000 songs and movies. Digital 1 Media Services keeps $4 of every CD, DVD, or vinyl record and 15 percent of all MP3 sales on

Digital 1 Music Publishing licenses and registers artists' compositions globally and helps them collect royalties. The recording artist keeps 100 percent of master recording and copyrights.  

Money earned from sync licensing placements has become a valuable revenue stream for Digital 1 Music Publishing artists.  Our sync licensing program is a free add-on for all releases after you have purchased the publishing package, you can start making money by licensing your songs, from YouTube ad revenue and micro-sync licensing, all the way to feature film placements.

"Digital 1 Media Services provides the lowest price of services in the industry," Patella said. "I hope the reasonable prices, quick distribution, and easy access to marketing and promoting their releases benefit the independent artist and labels the most."


SOURCE Digital 1 Media Services