Digital Media Group Launches Content Marketing Platform with Potential to Disrupt Current Models of Sponsored Content and Native Advertising

Luxury Trine Digital Media Group Rolls Out Showcase for Luxury Brands with Sustainable Practices

Jul 08, 2015, 08:00 ET from Luxury Trine

NEW YORK, July 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Luxury Trine today announced the launch of an engagement app-driven promotional and marketing platform for luxury brands with eco-friendly products and sustainable practices. The proprietary apps provide a distinct perspective on the news, products and services that matter most to LOHAS consumers, people who live and make informed purchases based on health, environmental, social justice and sustainability considerations — a $355 billion market growing 10 percent annually.

Luxury Trine's patent-pending digital marketing platform consists of four apps spanning different industry segments: three magazines, Luxury Trine Home Review, geared toward green architecture, high-end interior design and energy efficient home goods, Luxury Trine Auto Review, which covers electric, hybrid and clean-diesel automobiles, and Luxury Trine Travel Review, which showcases eco-friendly destinations, experiences and events, as well as Luxury Trine Newsletter, a periodical on the arts, culture and philanthropy. They feature contributions from top freelance writers in the U.S. and Europe, and the premiere issues contain articles on brands including Chanel, LVMH, Clive Christian, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Cadillac, Tesla, Virgin Atlantic, Sub-Zero/Wolf and Kering, among others.

The new platform aims to be a trusted go-to source for eco-conscious luxury shoppers. To that end, Luxury Trine is Certified B Corporation Pending, which means it is in the process of being accredited in accordance with guidelines set by B Lab, a nonprofit organization that recognizes corporations committed to upholding high social and environmental standards—joining ranks of other successful businesses that do good in the world like Etsy and Patagonia.

"Conscious of their reputations, impact on the environment and consumers' desires for greener products and services, luxury brands are increasingly embracing sustainability and more environmentally sound approaches to doing business," said Lynda Chervil, the founding CEO of Luxury Trine and a New York-based environmental sustainability advocate and luxury brand promoter. "Luxury Trine is a platform that allows luxury brands to showcase their commitment to environmental sustainability and related initiatives while helping them to target eco-luxury consumers across the new media landscape."

"Branded content and native advertising are replacing traditional advertising models as brands aim to connect with consumers without overtly selling products and services. Luxury Trine's core value proposition is to create user engagement to increase marketing ROI for luxury brands joining the platform," Chervil added. "Our media properties develop publisher-produced quality branded content exclusively targeting niche markets within the LOHAS market segment while spanning all verticals of luxury lifestyle brands with targeted content that relevant to the lifestyle preferences of our app users."

For more information about Luxury Trine, visit Its magazine and newsletter apps are free of charge and can be downloaded at Google Play, the Amazon Apps Store and Apple Store. The @LuxuryTrine platform can be followed on Twitter at:

About Luxury Trine
Luxury Trine is a new-media communications platform that promotes luxury brands with eco-friendly products and sustainable practices via targeted marketing extension strategies with branding initiatives. The company's strategies are designed to support rebranding of eco-friendly products and services that are currently in luxury brands' portfolios to increase awareness and deepen product penetration within the LOHAS (LifeStyles of Health and Sustainability) market segments.

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