Digital Ruler on Smartphone Guarantees Fitting Condom

May 29, 2015, 11:15 ET from Safe Shops BV

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From now on, men around the world can make sure they get the right size condoms by measuring their penis with their smartphone. On the mobile website, men can measure the girth of their penis by placing it on a digital ruler. Seven different colour codes representing different girths are used to provide advice and an additional explanation about condom sizes. is an initiative of Richard Spooren from the Netherlands, who founded

The correct size is safer 

Although the website takes a light-hearted approach, the idea behind it is serious. Richard Spooren wants to make men aware of the importance of a correctly-fitting condom because, according to this condom specialist, it is important that men use the right size. Condom-Anoniem receives questions on a daily basis about condoms slipping off during intercourse, or men who lose their erection after putting on a condom. The right size condom can make sex a more enjoyable and safer experience. If the contraceptive is too tight, it is difficult to put on, feels too tight and there is an increased chance of it rupturing. On the other hand, a condom which is too large may slip off during sex. In both cases, there is an increased risk of pregnancy or contracting STDs.


More and more manufacturers make XL-size condoms, and the market for them is increasing. Many people mistakenly think that penis length determines the size of the condom, but it is actually the perimeter which is decisive. A standard condom suits more than 60% of condom users, but others would benefit from either a narrower or wider model. Even a brand like Durex has got it all wrong: its XL condoms have exactly the same circumference as most of its other condoms.  

Condoms are not sold on, the site simply provides advice and refers users to sales points in different countries.

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