Digital Writing Gains Acceptance with Global Adoption of Anoto Live™ Technology Reaching 9 Million

Wide-ranging applications include fighting wildfires, helping the United Nations manage hunger in Africa and recording route plans on top of Mount Everest

Apr 29, 2013, 08:30 ET from Anoto

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Anoto, the world leader in digital writing technology, today announced that 9 million devices using Anoto technology have been shipped worldwide. This milestone confirms that Anoto Live™ technology is gaining momentum as a flexible and easy-to-use solution across an unlimited amount of applications for a multitude of different companies.


Anoto's digital pen and paper technology is widely used in the healthcare industry and is popular across field service, public safety, and oil and gas applications. The flexibility of the technology has also resulted in countless unique applications that are surfacing around the world including:

  • Good luck messages for Team GB at the 2012 London OlympicsAt the Bleinheim triathlon event, spectators could send messages to Team GB Olympic athletes via a digital writing wall. Anoto's digital pen technology was used to write more than 1,700 good luck messages that were instantaneously displayed on the Internet.
  • The Dakar Rally in the Sahara Desert – One of the world's toug­hest endurance races for cars and motorbikes, Anoto provided a way to communicate mechanical information via Bluetooth transmission, all while under extreme temperature conditions.
  • Interactive Learning for Students in South Korea – Tstudy uses Anoto technology to create an interactive and participatory classroom environment through the use of digital pens, an interactive whiteboard and its 'Symphony' software. It also offers a web-based distance learning platform where teachers and students interact real-time by video, audio, chat as well as through visual writing using a digital pen as an input tool.
  • The Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui, Hawaii Check-in procedures have been modernized with the digital pen so that guests can be checked-in from loca­tions off-site, such as the airport or golf course.
  • Leapfrog Tag Reading System for Children The technology enables books to be interactive and include songs and other sound effects, making the reading experience and learning process stimulating and fun.
  • Mount Everest The Anoto digital pen was used to record, report and save route plans and sketches during a climb to the world's highest peak by renowned adventurer Johan Ernst Nilson. Nilson went on to climb Aconcagua in Argentina, also using Anoto technology to communicate with his colleagues along the way.
  • Life Insurance in Japan Digital pens are used all over Japan for onsite visits to customers interested in purchasing life insurance. Once a customer decides to apply for life insurance, he/she fills in the form with the digital pen. The data is sent to the head office, speeding up the application process.
  • Selling Champagne in France Anoto provides the ability to take orders in remote rural locations that are unfriendly to other technologies.
  • United Nations Nutrition Surveys in Africa Data capture and analysis has improved from three weeks to five days thanks to Anoto technology.
  • Santa Barbara California Fire Department –The speed of data collection has increased and improvements have been made in the efficiency of data sharing amid the extreme conditions that occur during wildfire responses.
  • Re-Writing History with the People's Bible To mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, including the Prince of Wales, used Anoto Digital Pen technology to write their own handwritten verses of the Bible, creating "The People's Bible," a handwritten, online digital version of the King James Bible.
  • Pens that Listen as well as Write – Livescribe™ Smartpens link audio to handwritten words. Just tap the pen on a sentence or word, and the pen plays back what was said at that precise point.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Assessments for Wounded Warriors - TBI's are a serious consequence for soldiers in combat zones. A TBI is tested by instructing the solider to draw certain shapes on paper, and the speed and accuracy of those drawings can indicate whether a TBI is present. Using Anoto digital pen technology to conduct such tests provides much more detailed test results, which improve assessments and create a detailed digital record to which clini­cians can get immediate access and use for long-term tracking.

The portfolio of Anoto Live™ pens looks, feels and writes like a normal ballpoint pen. However, it contains an integrated digital camera, an advanced image microprocessor and a mobile communications device for wireless connection. Using a digital pen on a surface covered with the Anoto Live™ dot pattern, you can capture, store and then securely send the handwriting, enabling you to easily convert ink to digital data – immediately.

Anoto's patented dot pattern is nearly invisible to the naked eye. Every small area of the pattern has a unique combination of dots with different positions. The pattern indicates the exact position of the digital pen as it moves across the surface. There are so many unique combinations that if every variant of dots was printed out, the stack of paper would reach the moon or cover the continents of Europe and Asia twice over.

"The applications listed above are just a handful of the thousands of diverse mission-critical implementations throughout the globe that we get to hear about from our satisfied customers," said Stein Revelsby, CEO of Anoto. "The Anoto Live™ pens are so popular partly because they are incredibly robust and durable. We even had an example of a customer who dropped the pen, drove over it in his truck and then reversed over it again while going back to pick it up. The pen is still working fine to this day."

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