DinoDirect.com: eBook Reader, A Great Choice for Christmas Gift

Dec 17, 2010, 08:35 ET from DinoDirect China Limited

HONG KONG, Dec. 17, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Christmas is only a few days away. Right now the sales wave is rising over and over again both in local and on-line stores. Recently DinoDirect.com specially prepared a great selection of eBook Readers for customers. The prices are varied according to the functions and performances included.

Nowadays most of us do not have the time to even open a book to read, even though reading is a passion. If there was anything more to ask for, walking down to the library round the corner is another huge task you have been thinking of doing for a very long time, but unfortunately can never make it there.

An eBook reader is a device that can be used to read online books and other regular journals. The next question that comes to mind is how it is different from a mini notebook or a laptop as you can also use these devices to read eBooks.

With added features like electronic ink technology and longer battery life, it is appropriate to be used for reading electronic books. Electronic ink is a specific type of electronic paper that is used in these gadgets. These try and imitate the looks of original pages of books which carry paper and printed ink. The best thing about these is that they are capable of holding the page for an indefinite period of time, without actually consuming any electricity. It looks like a photograph taken from a real book itself but with a very good resolution.

Another grand feature is that these electronic pages can be read even in bright sunlight or directly under lamps without causing the screen to blur. The images produced here are very stable that have high definition and do not hurt your eyes during constant reading. It is a boon for the readers to own a sleek and light-weight eBook reader rather than going through all the pain of buying books.

There are various companies that have launched this product successfully. Originally it was launched in the 1970s but did not get accepted so well. However, with time these devices have become increasingly popular and for buyers today, many options are available. However it is advisable to do your research well before investing in any gadget like this so as to ensure it is worth paying the price. Many companies like Sony, Condor, Ectaco, Bookeen, Fnac are the well known ones but apart from these there are many more. The operating system used by most of these companies is either Linux or Android.

However, one thing to remember is that the tradition of reading will never become obsolete, whether it is via electronic media or via books. It is great to develop your own library even in an electronic mode and you can end up having a great collection whatsoever. So think of having a really nice collection of e-books just in one small handy eBook reader that you can reproduce anytime without carrying the burden of those heavy books as you always did during your school or college days.

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