DinoDirect.com Releases the Quetzalcoatl Silver Amulet Necklace

Mar 15, 2011, 08:35 ET from DinoDirect China Limited

HONG KONG, March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- DinoDirect.com has announced the releasing of a Quetzalcoatl Silver Amulet Necklace. It has to do with the event 2012. The doomsday is approaching fast and it has already started showing signs of its coming too. The Maya long count calendar will run out of days on 21st Dec, 2012 and it is supposed to be the day when the world witnesses its end. The Maya were very proficient at astrology. They even predicted their own civilization's overrunning by foreigners and also accurately predicted the world wars. Old Chan Kin, the respected spiritual leader of the Lancandon Maya once predicted that once the last Mayan dies, the world would eventually end. He died back in 1996, aged 150 years. But for the sake of the safety of his children and family he left the Quetzalcoatl Silver amulet necklace created by locals and told them that the people who possess it would be blessed by the ancient Maya God.

"We, for the sake of your children and family's safety and well-being have been able to get 2012 pieces of amulet necklaces through some channel. The intricately designed necklace holds special powers which would keep you and your family safe and sound from all the bad things, and you will see rest and peace prevailing in your life. Only limited stock makes it all the more alluring and a must to buy proposition," the marketing manager of DinoDirect was quoted as saying.

Apart from showering its really beneficial magical powers upon possessors and their families, this enchanting silver pendant with Maya God amulet flows naturally down a wearer's neckline. The meticulously crafted pendant comes with captivating designs and superlative materials used in its construction. Made of alloy and silver, this pendant necklace can be adorned for a longer time and requires minimal maintenance. It looks simply fantastic and embellishes a high taste. It is just a perfect gift for sweethearts, friends, family and a token of love, care and expression.

Not all people can go aboard, but with this enchanting and magical pendant one can double the chances for survival. Stock has begun to run out, but DinoDirect has been able to manage this amazing product after toiling hard and putting in much effort, just for the benefit and safety of mankind.

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