DinoDirect's Cooperation with Russia

Dec 12, 2012, 09:00 ET from Dinodirect China Limited

HONG KONG, Dec. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- DinoDirect, an online retailer, is one of the free shipping online stores who has a wide global presence and acceptance amongst online shoppers. The retailer has now collaborated with one of the biggest Russia online retailer to facilitate easier procurement and distribution of products to end consumers.

Online shopping has revolutionized how shoppers access the products they need. Convenience is the main reason why shopping on the Internet has risen in popularity recently, in addition to the free shipping offered by most online retailers. DinoDirect has teamed up with a Russia online retailer to help global consumers easily access the wide array of products sold online.

DinoDirect is now offering Russian consumers a procurement service that is slightly different from Drop-shipping, which ensures that the consumer gets their desired product quickly due to the joint collaborative efforts between the two online retailers.

Drop-shipping is essentially the mode of shipping which the online retailer has introduced to work collaboratively with China wholesale distributors to easily distribute products to consumers. Not only is the drop-shipping service open to wholesalers, it is also available to all retailers who want to get their products shipped out to their clients. The service is especially rewarding for entry-level online retailers who do not have proper shipping channels of their own.

Russia has proved to be a strong online market. With 12 million visitors, popular online retailer AliExpress ranked 97, and also received 80 percent orders from Russia. This proves that the Russian online market is a stronghold to be reckoned with and the consumers deserve prompt shipping of their orders for helping online retailers like DinoDirect grow.

The online retailers essentially register with DinoDirect and let them know about their customer orders. In the case of the Russia online retailer, the products are stocked in the Beijing warehouse and when consumers place orders through the Russia online retailer, DinoDirect will ship them.

The collaboration will enable consumers to access a wider range of products and receive them in record time. This comes right in time for Christmas, when most shoppers are rushing to buy gifts like android tablets and women's clothing for their loved ones. Getting these products on time for Christmas is undeniably of the utmost importance to all online shoppers and DinoDirect's procurement service will guarantee that customers from all over the world get the various products quickly.

SOURCE Dinodirect China Limited