Diobox - The New Groundbreaking All-in-One Event and Guest Management Platform for Web and iOS

The new event platform delivers event organizers a single product to manage guest lists, email invitations, RSVPs, table management, and check-ins, built around a CRM, tracking guest history across events.

Mar 18, 2016, 07:00 ET from Diobox

NEW YORK, March 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- After 15 months of beta testing at high-profile events in industries ranging from technology and fashion, to nonprofit and nightlife, Diobox launches to the public as the most comprehensive event management solution, bringing advanced tools, previously only available in expensive custom enterprise software, to all event organizers – in a single intuitive package that is free for events with 250 guests. 

Core Features

Diobox's core features can be used at all stages of the event planning process, regardless of the size of the event. Event organizers can now rely on a single platform that has the functionality of multiple products – eliminating data fragmentation.

  • Guest List Management – Organize, browse, search and manage guests in multiple ways, including confirmation statuses, any number of tags, and custom profile fields.
  • Design Invitations – Create elegant event-specific, mobile-friendly invitations.
  • Publish RSVP Pages – Create private, customizable RSVP pages with the ability to include a questionnaire.
  • Send and Track Emails – Send mass email invitations and track guest actions (opens, clicks, confirms, declines, and questionnaire responses) using unique embedded links between guests, emails, invitations and RSVPs.
  • Organize Tables and Seating Assignments – Create a visual representation (including guest photos) of table arrangements by specifying table type and number of seats. Create Waitlists to offer priority guest seating. Changes automatically and immediately updated.
  • Guest and Plus-One Check-Ins – The web app or the iOS apps can be used simultaneously to check-in guests and "plus-ones." Guest demographics can be specified for more detailed analytics.

Team Permissions

Diobox provides team collaboration allowing event owners to invite their staff to share events with different permissions. Due to privacy concerns, Diobox also offers a "Door Staff" permission level for hiding private guest details like email addresses and phone numbers.

When multiple users are logged in at the same time, all check-ins and guest data are synched in real-time and pushed to all devices. Additionally, if devices drop offline (common in certain event venues), the iOS app enters an "Offline Mode" allowing users to continue usage without interruption. Once the device is connected online, all changes sync automatically, without any input from the user.

Built-In CRM

What makes Diobox fundamentally different from other event products is that its core features are built around a central CRM engine made specifically for events. The CRM retains various types of guest activities and relationships in a single database that shows guest history across events. Diobox displays these analytics in the "Guest Scorecard" revealing guest invitations, total spend, attendance records, and even no-shows. This Scorecard provides meaningful guest insight that would otherwise not be possible if all data was not captured onto a single database.

iOS Apps and User Interface

The most appealing quality of Diobox is arguably its modern, clutter-free and easy user-interface. This is most apparent on iOS, where every screen is designed for non-technical users tasked with organizing busy events. Diobox makes the best use of iPad Pro, iPhone 6s, and iOS 9 creating an experience as immersive as the device that is being used. For example, Diobox offers support for 3D Touch on the pressure-sensing display on the iPhone 6s for Peek and Pop, allowing the preview of events and guests (with check-in shortcuts) without actually having to open them. Diobox also uses the latest search technologies in iOS 9 to search guests even when the app is not open, from the global Spotlight search screen.

Pricing and Availability

Diobox is free on web and mobile for events up to 250 guests. The Diobox iOS App is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Paid events start at $249 per event with an increased guest limit of 500 guests and additional features. Monthly subscription plans with unlimited events and guests are coming soon.

About Diobox

Diobox provides everything for seamlessly and efficiently managing events and guests. It offers advanced event management tools for guest lists, sending email invitations, publishing and tracking RSVPs, managing tables and seating, and checking-in guests. Diobox is also the first consumer event product that includes a built-in CRM for tracking guest history across events.

Diobox is about simplifying the convoluted process of hosting and managing events. It's much more than just offering features – it's about solving a complex problem with a beautiful and functional design.

Website: http://www.diobox.com

iOS Apps: http://appstore.com/diobox  


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