DIRECTV and RealD Work Together to Deliver 3D Content to the Home

DIRECTV to Support the RealD Format for Delivery of High-Definition 3D Content

Jan 06, 2010, 22:00 ET from DIRECTV, Inc. from ,RealD

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. and LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CES -- DIRECTV, Inc., the world's most popular television service, and 3D technology leader RealD are currently working together to deliver high-definition 3D movies and TV programming via satellite to DIRECTV subscribers. DIRECTV's content providers will be able use RealD tools to format their 3D content and deliver it to millions of homes with the crisp, clear 3D images that RealD has become known for. DIRECTV will be launching three 3D channels sponsored by Panasonic. The delivery of RealD Format content is compatible with DIRECTV's current HD satellite broadcast and on-demand systems and works with existing HD set-top boxes. As part of the agreement, RealD has delivered to DIRECTV a license to use the RealD Format and associated 3D technology patents.

"DIRECTV believes that the delivery of 3D content to our subscribers provides a fantastic new level viewing experience for movies, sports, and other TV programs. Many of the major television manufacturers are adding 3D capability to their products this year, and RealD is doing a great job of partnering with them to integrate the RealD Format," said Romulo Pontual, CTO of DIRECTV. "We look forward to working with RealD and our programming providers to deliver 3D content later this year to owners of 3D-capable TV's - no new set-top boxes will be required."

"DIRECTV has been perennially at the forefront of new TV technologies, and this partnership will continue this and allow millions of DIRECTV subscribers to enjoy HD quality 3D in the home," added Michael V. Lewis, Chairman and CEO of RealD. "RealD and DIRECTV will continue to work closely together to optimize the 3D viewing experience to ensure that we delight viewers at home in much the same way we have with RealD's market-leading 3D cinema systems."

The RealD Format builds on the company's patented side-by-side 3D formatting technology and is capable of delivering crisp, clear, high-definition 3D to the home utilizing all channels of the existing HD broadcast infrastructure. DIRECTV has chosen to use the side-by-side method as its primary method of delivering 3D content due to its ability to deliver high-quality progressive and interlaced video over existing infrastructure including existing HD set-top boxes and DVRs.


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RealD is the global leader in 3D technology for cinema, home and professional applications. RealD's next-generation 3D cinema technology is deployed across the world's largest 3D platform with over 9,500 screens contracted and 4,800 screens installed in 48 countries with 300 exhibition partners. Beyond cinema, RealD is the worldwide inventor and provider of key stereoscopic technologies used in science, manufacturing, marketing, and other industries, with 30 years of development behind its systems. RealD's mission-critical 3D technologies are used by organizations such as NASA, Pfizer, BMW, Boeing and more.

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