Direxion Announces Educational Ad Campaign With Minyanville

Animated Series Features Emmy Winning "Hoofy & Boo" Discussing Leveraged ETFs

Mar 24, 2011, 14:36 ET from Direxion

BOSTON, March 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Direxion, a pioneer in providing alternative investment strategies to sophisticated investors, announced today a new educational ad campaign with Minyanville Media, Inc., the creator of Emmy Award winning financial focused content and operator of Minyanville.com. The campaign consists of five animated vignettes designed to educate audiences about leveraged ETFs.

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"Direxion has always believed in the importance of investor education, especially when it comes to products as sophisticated and powerful as our leveraged ETFs," said Direxion President Dan O'Neill. "We're very pleased to partner with Minyanville. Our mission is to educate audiences about the unique risks associated with the use of leverage, as well as the consequences of seeking daily investment results. Minyanville took the time to understand our relevance to sophisticated tactical investors, and is helping us educate our audience in a compelling and creative way."

The co-branded ads, a first of their kind, will run on Minyanville.com and feature the site's Emmy-award winning bull and bear cartoon characters, "Hoofy & Boo," discussing Direxion's leveraged ETFs.  Minyanville.com has more than 1.3 million unique visitors and, according to Google, was the second fastest growing financial and business destination in 2008. The company also won an Emmy for "New Approaches to Business and Financial Reporting" in 2008.

"Branded content in online advertising is about the merger of unique business information with creative branding, and that is precisely what our campaign with Direxion illustrates," said Kevin Wassong, President of Minyanville Media. "Minyanville has the ability to create digital content that is unique, informative and entertaining – all through a dynamic platform that connects advertisers to high-valued audiences. We're very proud to demonstrate this in our partnership with Direxion."

Direxion is a pioneer in providing sophisticated investment solutions and helping investors optimize their portfolio strategies. Its multi-directional and leveraged products offer the opportunity for investors to effectively manage risk and returns in all market conditions. To visit Direxion's Leveraged ETFs Education Center, go to http://www.direxionshares.com/education.html.

To speak to a member of the Direxion team, or request more information, please contact James Doyle at (973) 400-1341 or james@jcprinc.com.

About Direxion

Direxion Funds and Direxion Shares, managed by Rafferty Asset Management, LLC, offer leveraged index funds, ETFs and alternative-class fund products for investment advisors and sophisticated investors who seek to effectively manage risk and return in both bull and bear markets. Founded in 1997, the company has approximately $7.5 billion in assets under management as of 12/31/10. The company's business model is built on continuous product innovation, exceptional customer service and a commitment to building strategic relationships with distribution partners. For more information, please visit www.direxionshares.com.

About Minyanville Media

Minyanville Media, Inc. (MMI) is an Emmy Award winning content and community platform. MMI creates branded business content that informs, entertains and educates all generations about the worlds of business and finance. Minyanville is a place where people who seek useful, unbiased information come to learn, laugh and connect. MMI strives to raise the level of financial understanding by connecting with a highly desirable audience through insightful commentary laced with humor and humanity. This distinguishes MMI by creating a true intersection of Wall Street and Main Street.

Minyanville.com is a site with more than 1.3MM unique visitors and 8-10MM per month. According to Google, Minyanville.com was the second fastest growing financial and business destination in 2008. According to Quantcast, Minyanville.com reaches the most affluent, college educated, 35-64 year old demographic in the category, consistently ranking in the top five Quantified websites. Minyanville provides a portfolio of applications and subscription products geared toward the professional and active trading and investing audience. Licensed by many of the world's largest financial institutions, Minyanville provides lead-edge solutions and content that generate ideas and build community.

Minyanville Media has created unique digital content and destinations providing marketers a dynamic platform to connect with high-valued audience segments. Anchored by the flagship site Minyanville.com, Minyanville is quickly becoming the go-to destination for people wanting to know what's happening in business and finance before it happens. The site features a roster of more than 40 world-class "Professors" comprised of traders, money managers and some of the best minds in business media. Minyanville's mission is to affect positive change through financial understanding, from the ABCs to the 401(k)s.


An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of Direxion Shares carefully before investing. The prospectus and summary prospectus contains this and other information about Direxion Shares. To obtain a prospectus, please visit www.direxionshares.com. The prospectus and summary prospectus should be read carefully before investing.

Investing in the  funds may be more volatile than investing in broadly diversified funds. The use of leverage by a fund increases the risk to the fund. The more a fund invests in leveraged instruments, the more the leverage will magnify gains or losses on those investments.

The Leveraged ETFs are not suitable for all investors and should be utilized only by sophisticated investors who understand leverage risk, consequences of seeking daily leveraged investment results and intend to actively monitor and manage their investments. Leverage ETFs are not designed to track the underlying index over a longer period of time.

The risks associated with the funds are detailed in the prospectus which include adverse market condition risk, adviser's investment strategy risk, aggressive investment techniques risk, concentration risk, counterparty risk, credit and lower-quality debt securities risk, equity securities risk, currency exchange risk, daily correlation risk, daily rebalancing and market volatility risk, early close/trading halt risk, depository receipt risk, foreign and emerging markets securities risk, sector securities risk, interest rate risk, inverse correlation risk, leverage risk, market risk, non-diversification risk, retail sector risk, shorting risk, small and mid cap company risk, tracking error risk, market timing activity and high portfolio turnover risk, commodities securities risk, geographic concentration risk, valuation time risk, derivatives risk, risks of investing in small- and/or mid-capitalization companies, natural gas sector risk, negative implications of daily goals in volatile markets risk, risks of investing in mining and metal industry securities, commodity-linked derivatives risk, wholly-owned subsidiary risk, tax and distribution risk, options and futures contracts risks, security selection risk, Debt Instrument Risk, Gain Limitation Risk, Real Estate Investment Risk, U.S. Government Securities Risk, and Special Risks of Exchange-Traded Funds.

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