Discounts Available on Professional Laser Skin Therapy

Jan 07, 2013, 05:00 ET from The Laser Treatment Clinic

LONDON, January 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Laser treatment has completely changed the face of dermatology, giving people new hope in their efforts to overcome skin complaints that have an adverse effect on their lives. The team at The Laser Treatment Clinic in London has recently launched a system of offers to help people take advantage of laser therapy more cheaply.

Laser therapy has worked wonders in treating conditions that are otherwise extremely difficult to manage using topical and oral methods. Skin complaints such as acne, sun damage, pigmentation, psoriasis and so on affect thousands of people in the UK and they often have emotional as well as physical effects.

Other complaints laser treatment has been known to have a positive effect on are scars, stretch marks, birth marks and other marks that are not connected with a particular disease or condition, but that nevertheless impair or interrupt the complexion and therefore cause considerable stress and emotional strain.

The team at The Laser Treatment Clinic aims to help people overcome these problems and the latest discounts offered at the clinic are all about giving people access to high quality, professional laser therapy at a reduced price.

Those who enrol on a course of treatment at The Laser Treatment Clinic will currently find a 50 per cent discount on all forms of laser therapy. The promotion comes at just the right time for those hoping to make a fresh start in the New Year by undergoing laser treatment for their individual case.

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Z. Patel

SOURCE The Laser Treatment Clinic