Discover a New Creature Daily: New Site Opens Up a Window Into the World of Unsung Animals Launches

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!  Well, yes, they are always those animals that we know and love but what about the other millions of species on our planet, many of which are largely unknown?  Enter, a daily offering of some of the coolest, weirdest and just plain interesting animals.  

Founded by Carly Martinetti, 20, a UCLA junior, the site introduces its readers to the amazing creatures that inhabit our tiny planet with us -- and she does it with both humor and a fascination for the unusual.

"I wanted to share with my readers the amazing world of the unknown -- creatures that share our planet with us that simply deserve our attention," said Martinetti.  "I mean honestly, how many shows on the Savannah can you really watch? There are millions of little known species on our little planet, why not get to know the rest of them?"

Newly launched in July, 2010, shares daily insights with its 500+ followers, including information on unusual animals, rare photos and videos culled from Internet sources.  The site has been featured on Ugly Overload and Neatorama (among others) and several posts have already gone viral around the web. In fact, TheFeaturedCreature was ahead of its time when it recently posted a story about a fuzzy little Yeti Crab, which was featured a few days ago on the front page of The Wall Street Journal for being newly discovered through an undersea census.  Popular recent posts on the site range from the Blue Dragon Nudibranch, a marine snail that lost its shell back in its early evolutionary history, to Japanese Macaques languishing in hot tubs.  Every post brings a witty and insightful perspective to the animals that are featured.

"Part of the success of the blog also belongs to the many reader comments that are shared on the site," says Martinetti.  "It's great to read their excitement and wonderment in seeing new and unusual creatures for the first time.  That's what continues to motivate me to showcase different animals every day!"


TheFeaturedCreature is the leading blog of its kind featuring little known animal species, from the fuzzy, to the scaly, to the undersea creature and more, presented in a light-hearted and entertaining manner. TheFeaturedCreature has more than 500 followers, growing everyday from around the world, and is based in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit


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