Discover the Secret of RELLECIGA's Scrunch Bottom -- A Revolutionary Bikini Innovation

Jul 25, 2013, 09:39 ET from RELLECIGA from ,

HONG KONG, July 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether you are an existing RELLECIGA BIKINI customer or it's new to you, you might notice that the bottoms of our Lace Bikini Series are an extremely sexy Brazilian-cut design. However, sexy is not the only thing we want to give you. Have a look at the center of the back - you can see the shirrings. They are not only decorations, but are also able to drain water.

Designed in Paris, RELLECIGA has a great team of designers who are quite sensitive about daily life. One of them went on a beach vacation and took a swam. When she came out of the water, the bikini bottom was full of water which caused her great embarrassment. This motivated her to find a way to improve our bikini bottoms. One day when visiting an aquarium, she saw a shark swimming under the water. Its fins gave her design inspiration and she rushed back to RIDI, which is short for RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute, to share her ideas with the other designers. They were excited too and the team began to work to make them a reality

However, it was not easy to make it practical as well as beautiful. It took RIDI 3 months to produce the perfect scrunch bottom. Dedicated to developing the most fashionable and comfortable women's bikinis, the development center is at the forefront of the swimwear industry. And so, when creating the perfecty scrunch bottom, the designers used the best fabric and the most cutting edge technology available to achieve this goal. After they thousands of tests, they finally figured out that 30 shirrings at the center of the bottom back is the perfect number. They can contour to the skin of every lady and are also able to drain water effectively.

If you think that these are all for a scrunch bottom, you are definitely wrong. Whatever RELLECIGA does, it does it the best. In order to make this scrunch bottom beautiful, the researchers use a super advanced technology: folding technology so that stitches are not visible. Meanwhile, they pay a lot of attention to the fabric. Leveling up the fastness of the fabric to Level 4, they ensure that the bikinis are able to endure solarization, swimming and other conditions. In addition, they use highly elastic polyester fabrics to make bikinis. Different from cheaper fabrics, this kind of fabric allows for highly flexibility and elasticity without any shirrings on the surface of the bikinis.

With this bottom, you should never worry about being embarrassing by a bottom full of water, or wearing an ugly bottom that may get you laughed by other youth. As soon as the Scrunch Bottom Bikini Series were released, they became popular and highly appreciated by our customers. RC's hard work ensures great results and innovative solutions for customer problems.

If you are interested in this "magical" bottom, you may check out RC's homepage: Or get the first-hand experience at our new retail outlet in Houston: 116 Sharps Town Ctr, Houston, TX. Don't hesitate to call Sunny: (281) 968-4849 if you have any questions!