"Discuss Japan" Launches Special Extensive Edition - New Abe Administration and 4 Key Themes

Mar 11, 2013, 01:00 ET from Editorial Board Secretariat/Discuss Japan--Japan Foreign Policy Forum

TOKYO, March 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- An online interactive web magazine, "Discuss Japan--Japan Foreign Policy Forum" (http://www.japanpolicyforum.jp/), launched on March 11 a Special Extensive Edition to disseminate viewpoints and arguments relating to Japan's foreign policy under the new administration of Prime Minster Shinzo Abe amid global political and economic changes.

In 2012, new administrations were established in the United States, China and other parts of the world. Also in Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party overwhelmingly won the House of Representatives election in December and regained power from the Democratic Party of Japan, elevating Abe to the post of prime minister again.

Amid the United States' focus shift to the Asia-Pacific region and the rise of China, the eyes of the world are on Japan's role on the international stage, especially how the new Abe administration will steer Japan's foreign policy.

The "Editorial Board" has decided to merge the 13th to 15th issues to run the Special Extensive Edition this time for the interactive Web magazine, "Discuss Japan--Japan Foreign Policy Forum," promoting discussions under the following four themes: (1) Japan's role amid the rise of Asia and "pivot" toward Asia (2) Is Japan tilting to the right? (3) Japan desires no conflicts (4) Have Japan's politics really changed?

The special edition features interviews with Prime Minister Abe and other government and political leaders, roundtable talks and panel discussions by experts, and various opinion pieces. Its content will be updated regularly to spur discussions.

The journal, like its predecessor "Japan Echo Web," is commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But the independent "Editorial Board" of private-sector experts solely determines the content and management policy of the website.

The Genron NPO, a Japanese nonprofit independent think tank, serves as the secretariat of the board. Kyodo News, Japan's leading international news agency with a global readership and network, is commissioned to handle English and Chinese translations and to operate the website.

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