Display Computer Content on Your HDTV - Even Without an HDMI Port - With Sewell Direct's USB to HDMI Adapter

Instantly Converts Signal for Multimedia Display on HDTV or Compatible Monitors

Dec 08, 2010, 11:42 ET from Sewell Direct

OREM, Utah, Dec. 8, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Internet is filled with free entertainment, from movies and TV shows to ballgames and other sports events, but many computers aren't equipped with HDMI outputs that allow that content to be displayed on an HDTV. The HD Deck USB to HDMI SW-31000 Display Adapter from Sewell Direct solves the problem with a simple converter that turns a USB port on nearly any PC or Mac into a video port that can transmit your preferred content to any nearby HDTV for comfortable viewing.

The adapter is an external video card that connects from any USB 2.0 port to your HDTV or compatible monitor. Once connected, it can display any online or installed computer content such as slideshows from your latest family birthday or travel adventure on any HDTV screen, providing high resolution images and HD audio through the computer's connection.

The USB conversion works through the use of a video compression algorithm located inside the external video card. A DisplayLink chip provides smooth visual and audio performance on the HDTV. The USB pipeline has 480 mbps, providing sufficient bandwidth for high-quality video connectivity. DisplayLink driver updates support high definition video and DirectX for photo editing, web surfing, movie viewing and more.

Simply install the driver software CD included with the product so that your computer can communicate with the adapter device. Then plug one end of an HDMI cable into the computer and the other end into the HDTV with the adapter in between. In a few seconds, the image on the computer screen will appear on the TV screen in high definition.

Unlike built-in video cards, the adapter is portable with the ability to be used across multiple computers. Bonus: no additional graphic cards are required.

"Even with TiVo and on-demand viewing that put hundreds of shows and movies at the viewer's fingertips, the Internet has the advantage of providing free 24/7 access to virtually any sports broadcast, TV show, movie or other program," said Preston Wily, President of Sewell. "As the high definition viewing experience continues to gain popularity, the demand for HD viewing of computer content has increased as well. Our USB to HDMI converter makes it easy to go HD from almost any computer."

The Sewell USB to HDMI SW-31000 Display Adapter is available at www.sewelldirect.com for $99.95.

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