'Disregarding The Constitution Is Not An Option,' New Online Store Supports Freedom

'SK Liberty Store' offers educational, decorative and novelty items celebrating America's founding principles

Jun 14, 2013, 09:30 ET from American Academy for Constitutional Education

TEMPE, Ariz., June 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Academy for Constitutional Education (AAFCE) today announced the launch of the SK Liberty Store, a one-stop shop for apparel, decor, gifts and educational items honoring America's founding documents and principles. The store is now live at www.sklibertystore.com.

"We have found that the more people learn about the Constitution and America's other founding documents, the more they realize that following these documents is not an option," said Shane F. Krauser, director of AAFCE.

"Understanding the Constitution is the first step to defending it. The products on the SK Liberty Store help people understand America's founding principles, and gives them a way to share with others. The goal of the SK Liberty Store is to bring the Constitution back into the forefront of American life."   

Featured products include:

  • Pocket-size versions of America's founding documents, including the U.S. Constitution and Citizens Rule Book
  • Training items from AAFCE covering the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Constitutional Law and U.S. Government Terminology
  • Books, including Krauser's "Your Nation to Save: A Line-by-Line Explanation of the U.S. Constitution" and selections from the "Understanding America" series
  • Multimedia resources such as "America Explained Vol. 1," the first audio CD in series from Krauser covering topics including the importance of education, the purpose of the Constitution and government, rights vs. privileges, and U.S. history.

About AAFCE:

The American Academy for Constitutional Education (AAFCE) teaches citizens from all walks of life about the Constitution and the principles of freedom in a high-intensity, high-energy environment. Focusing on the original intent of the Constitution, as well as the forces that have shaped its interpretation throughout history, the AAFCE brings the Constitution to life, giving people the tools they need to understand and influence today's social and political issues. The AAFCE empowers citizens to step forward and lead to restore our nation to the ideals of freedom, individual responsibility and limited government.

SOURCE American Academy for Constitutional Education