Distracted Driving Accidents Expected to Rise with Endeavour Shuttle Launch

Apr 27, 2011, 09:00 ET from Advocate Auto Consultants

ORLANDO, FL, April 27 /PRNewswire/ - April marks National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and thanks to initiatives like Oprah's No Phone Zone movement, millions of drivers have pledged to curb their use of cell phones while driving. However, there are three lesser-known contributors to distracted driving that are estimated to contribute to two million car crashes annually in the United States - visual, cognitive and manual distractions.

Of the three categories, the number of accidents in Florida caused by visual distractions is directly connected to the number of tourists on the road - tourists' lack of familiarity with roads and tendency to be distracted by sights and sounds dramatically increases their chances of being in an accident.

With thousands of out-of-towners flooding central Florida on April 29th to get a glimpse of the final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour from Cape Canaveral, Advocate Auto Consultants' CEO, Tom Coletta, believes drivers must be on high alert.

"So many accidents in Florida occur due to distracted driving. Drivers must be hyper aware of fellow motorists, especially during events like the launch, where people will have their eyes trained on the skies instead of where they need to be - on the roads."

Coletta goes on to say, "We have seen a dramatic increase in accidents where drivers simply aren't paying attention to the road.  What many auto accident victims don't realize is that their vehicles will lose value by simply being involved in an accident. We are committed to recouping these losses by making sure the at-fault party's Insurance Company compensates owners for this loss in vehicle value."

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SOURCE Advocate Auto Consultants