Diversification is the New Core

QS Investor's Diversification Based Investing Designed for Volatile Markets

Mar 09, 2016, 09:30 ET from Legg Mason Inc.

NEW YORK, March 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Investors had what certainly felt like a turbulent start to the year, as equity markets corrected again ending a period of extraordinarily low market volatility.  While increased volatility has caught many investors by surprise, it has only returned to levels closer to its long term average, as measured by the Vix index, a key market indicator.  While jarring, this new reality is important for investors to factor into their thinking.

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With growing uncertainty over global monetary policy, falling commodity prices, and other macro risks, market volatility is likely here to stay.  So what are investors to do?  Meeting their financial goals means staying invested for the long term, and investors would be wise to think more strategically about their equity market exposure. Many of today's investors rely on their core allocations, which typically combines stocks, bonds and other alternatives hoping to manage protection against the instability, with the understanding that no one asset class will always outperform.  But is their core allocation doing what they expect it to do?

Michael J. LaBella, CFA, Portfolio Manager of QS Investors, says, "Diversification is a goal lauded by many investors, but often proves challenging to fully achieve, leaving themselves overexposed to certain forces in the market."

Mr. LaBella continued, "Many investors rely on passive indices like the S&P 500 for U.S. or the MSCI EAFE Index for International and, as a result, find themselves disappointed with the results in unstable markets. What they may not realize is the majority of market-capitalization indexes are heavily concentrated in a small number of sectors or international countries. This became very apparent after the Internet bubble burst, when the indices were heavily skewed toward technology companies."

After the Internet bubble 16 years ago, QS Investors embarked on research to find big-picture factors affecting returns. It identified the overarching sources of diversification to determine common drivers useful to better manage risk, while preserving the possibility of participating in the markets' upward trends. From these findings, the firm developed "Diversification Based Investing" (DBI), which is a different approach to diversification.

"Like asset classes, the performance of stocks based in different countries or in different economic sectors can vary significantly, depending on the market environment. Predicting the different themes that drive performance over time is challenging, and getting them wrong risks missing out on emerging opportunities, while being overexposed to certain risks," said Mr. LaBella.

Mr. LaBella explained that QS Investors focuses on staying "market-agnostic" and diversifies across investment themes to deliver more balanced equity exposure.

"Through DBI we seek to capture the upside trends of markets as they develop, as opposed to focusing on what worked in the past. Our methodology relies on enhanced diversification to control exposure to the downdrafts that may result from the economic cycle, swings in style performance, or episodic issues."

"The key advantage to the QS approach is that it's adaptive, not stagnant. It takes into to account the ever evolving economic landscape, macro trends and investor sentiments, so investors are continuously diversified based on what matters, rather than what's just traditional," Mr. LaBella noted.

About Michael J. LaBella, CFA
Portfolio Manager Michael LaBella has been with QS Investors since 2010. He joined the firm from Deutsche Bank, where from 2005 to 2010 he was a portfolio manager for the quantitative strategies group, and an institutional sales trader in the corporate and investment bank. A Chartered Financial Analyst, he earned a B.S. in Financial Economics from Binghamton University.

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