DiViNetworks and Sandvine Launch the First Traffic Management in the Cloud™ Service, Already Serving Multiple ISPs

ISPs enjoy expert network policy control capabilities from the Internet cloud

May 09, 2013, 07:04 ET from DiViNetworks Ltd.

CHICAGO, May 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

DiViNetworks, the leading wholesale data capacity provider , today announced a new service - Traffic Management in the Cloud using technology from Sandvine, a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions . This unique service enables ISPs worldwide to apply network policy control functions from the Internet cloud, without deploying a dedicated system in their own network. Traffic Management in the Cloud is already used by several ISPs. Traffic Management in the Cloud will be presented at ITW, Chicago.

ISPs are seeking ways to gain deeper visibility into their traffic and apply advanced policies on the IP traffic flows. For many ISPs, the weakest link is their connectivity to the Internet, where they wish to enforce their policies. Others recognize the need to apply intelligent traffic optimization policies to manage network congestion and ensure a high quality of experience for their subscribers, but avoid deploying such systems in their own network.

Traffic Management in the Cloud addresses these exact needs. High-end ultra-capacity Sandvine systems are located in DiViCloud points-of-presence on the main Internet junctions. The traffic of subscribed ISPs traversing these nodes is monitored, and ISP-specific policies are enforced. Subscribed ISPs also enjoy a web-based view of the detailed and actionable reports that graph their network link utilization and impacts of the traffic management policies.

"Traffic Management in the Cloud is actually our customers' innovation and Sandvine is the perfect partner for such ventures," says Dr. Yair Shapira, VP Marketing and Business Development of DiViNetworks. "Our ISP customers are requesting to apply more and more functions on their traffic as part of our service and we intend to launch additional intelligent services."

"Sandvine's expertise in accurate traffic classification and fair use traffic management technology provides the most granular control of data available today," said Don Bowman, CTO, Sandvine. "By identifying the applications that require prioritization and managing only the relevant traffic, the Sandvine-DiViNetworks collaboration provides 'virtual bandwidth' that reduces transit costs and increases quality of experience for subscribers network-wide."

Traffic Management in the Cloud will be presented at DiViNetworks' booth #702, ITW, Chicago. To set up an appointment please submit here.

About DiViNetworks

DiViNetworks is a global provider of affordable data capacity for network operators and service providers. Using cloud-based solutionsDiViNetworks generates data capacity at any location worldwide, over any combination of physical capacity providers, enabling ISPs to obtain bandwidth at HALF the MARKET PRICE. For more information, visit us at http://www.divinetworks.com, and follow us on LinkedIn.

About Sandvine

Sandvine's network policy control solutions add intelligence to fixed, mobile and converged communications service provider networks to enable services that can increase revenue and reduce network costs. Powered by Sandvine's Policy Engine and SandScript policy language, Sandvine's networking equipment performs end-to-end policy control functions including traffic classification, and policy decision and enforcement across the data, control and business planes. Sandvine's products provide actionable business insight, the ability to deploy new subscriber services and tools to optimize traffic, while enhancing subscriber Internet quality of experience.

Sandvine's network policy control solutions are deployed in more than 200 networks in over 85 countries, serving hundreds of millions of data subscribers worldwide, http://www.sandvine.com.

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