DLL Research Shows That Dedicated Promotional Materials Increase Used Asset Sales

Jun 10, 2016, 03:00 ET from DLL

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, June 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

DLL, a global provider of asset-based financial solutions, has launched its first bluepaper, 'Professionalizing used asset sales with dedicated promotional materials'. This bluepaper was developed after researching 362 manufacturers and dealers that already promote their used asset sales. DLL hopes to inspire more manufacturers to develop a dedicated communication strategy for used assets. 

The sale of used assets is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers
With the rise of the circular economy, the sale of used assets is becoming increasingly important. However, being actively engaged in the used asset market frequently goes against manufacturers' traditional way of working, which is to produce new products in increasing numbers to keep their factories up and running. Combined with the fear of cannibalization, lower available budgets and a lack of strategic relevance, manufacturers often overlook or underestimate their used asset possibilities.

This bluepaper is the result of researching more than 360 examples of online and offline promotional materials across the Construction, Transportation, Automotive, Healthcare, Food, Agriculture and Office Equipment industries. Key elements to consider in the process of creating promotional materials are highlighted to inspire manufacturers and dealers to get the most out of their used asset sales.

Practical checklist for manufacturers and dealers
"The majority of our partners are already engaged in the used equipment market. Furthermore, we see that manufacturers and dealers are increasingly starting to look into refurbishment and remanufacturing," says Rob van den Heuvel, Senior Vice President Global Asset Management at DLL. "A clear communication strategy is key to building awareness in the market and successfully positioning a used product offering. Our bluepaper includes many industry examples and provides guidance that can assist manufacturers and dealers in further developing their strategy for used asset sales."

Bluepaper as addition to the full range of publications 

DLL publishes whitepapers on a frequent basis and is now adding bluepapers to its list of publications. While the whitepapers are meant to inform and support manufacturers', vendors' and dealers' strategic business choices, the bluepapers are developed to inspire and improve business performance by providing practical guidance.

To download the complete bluepaper, click here. Available in English and French.