Do Tell(R) The Game of Connection & Fun: Family Version Premiering at the 2010 Los Angeles, California Gift Show

Jan 12, 2010, 16:51 ET from Do Tell Enterprises

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Do Tell Enterprises releases the new Family board game designed to bond people across generations. The game, designed around people and family connection, is being released at a time when board games and family game nights are increasing, but the choice of games that bring quality-time to the game night event are actually decreasing.

"Do Tell" helps deepen connections and understanding. When picking a "Tell" card, a player must tell something ("When do you feel the most peaceful and why?") or, if a "Do" card is chosen, a player must "do" something ("Have a fit of uncontrollable laughter"). Everyone gets to relate playfully and authentically. Kathy affirms, "My mission in life has always been to make people feel better. When I laugh with others, everyone feels better."

People need to have fun, especially in these challenging times. "Do Tell" is a delightful distraction as well as a relationship-building tool. While "Do Tell" doesn't replace therapy, it does allow for more joy, learning and revelry.  Therapists are discovering that using "Do Tell" can help clients improve their communication and relational skills.

"Do Tell" is the brainchild of relationship expert Kathy Jacobson, who comments, "This is a game about fun, laughter, discovery and, most importantly, connection."

When "Do Tell: the Original" made its smash debut in December 2007, requests soon began pouring in to develop a family version—one that could be played by kids and parents of all ages. As a result, the Family Version was birthed In November 2009. Both versions are the talk of the town from San Francisco to New York, with growing requests for distribution in Europe and Australia.

DO TELL ENTERPRISES is a San Francisco based creator of games and therapist tools that use fun, humor and interaction for the purpose of helping people connect and relate.

From January 12-18, store buyers can get an up-close-and-person look at both versions at the Los Angeles Gift Show and meet Kathy Jacobson.

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