Do You Know Where Your Drinking Water Comes From? Its Origin Can Impact Your Health, Warns Maria Kraszynska, M.D.

One of The Purest Waters On The Planet Called SNO™ Soon Will Flow Into California From Iceland

Jan 13, 2014, 11:00 ET from Maria Kraszynska, M.D.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Fresh pristine water from Eyjafjallajokull , a natural glacier in Iceland, is an elixir of health. It can revitalize cells, rejuvenate our body, enhance physical endurance and allow maintenance of proper fat-to-muscle ratio.  And now one of the purest waters on the planet, nitrate-free SNO™ glacier water from Iceland (, soon will be available in California, said Maria Kraszynska, M.D.   

According to Dr. Kraszynska, "the quality of drinking water influences the integrity of our health.  One of the most vital life sustaining substances, water must flow through our systems continuously, but there's a problem."

Today most bottled waters fail to meet purity standards, said Dr. Kraszynska ( This is partly due to there being no specific regulatory guidelines defined by EPA or FDA.

In recent years, even natural mineral spring waters have suffered from man-made pollution.  Containers additionally influence water quality. Glass is preferred since plastic bottles can create a health risk by leaching chemicals such as BPA and phthalates.

According to Dr. Kraszynska, "our bodies gradually lose water retention capabilities with age. A younger body contains a higher percentage of water and this optimal hydration accounts for a youthful appearance with glowing complexion. Dehydrated cells age prematurely."

Water molecules form clusters in the body, either of hexagonal shape, an attribute of healthy water or in pentagonal shapes when water is stagnant and polluted. Healthy cells are permeated by hexagonal clusters, while pentagonal clusters have been found present in cancerous and diseased cells.

A quality water source and adequate hydration are essential to optimal health. Origin is the single most important determinant of its quality, said Dr. Kraszynska.  As the levels of global pollution increase, the natural sources of uncontaminated water are becoming scarce. The few clean ecologically-sound reservoirs left are glaciers.

Glaciers such as those found in Iceland are the source of the most pristine water on our planet. Ancient water frozen in time for thousands of years is now, due to the effects of climate change, becoming available as it melts for the first time. One Icelandic bottled water company; SNO™ glacier water, is capturing the moment and making it readily available to those who want a truly unique glacial experience.

Iceland because of its remote location has one of the cleanest environments on Earth. The purity of Iceland's water is highly praised and world renowned. Iceland's water has the ideal mineral composition due to the natural filtration process through porous volcanic lava rock.

A unique characteristic of nitrate-free SNO™ glacier water from Iceland is the neutral pH of 7.4 which also happens to be the pH of normal healthy cells.

"We can drink water that has been recycled many times from ecologically disturbed sources containing traces of pollutants or drink pristine glacier water, such as SNO™."

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SOURCE Maria Kraszynska, M.D.