Documentary turns into horror movie when Star is murdered

"We were going to become the next biggest film producers out there just like HBO's Entourage.... it just didn't play out like that!" -T.D. Faison

May 19, 2014, 11:11 ET from Those 5 Films Productions

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Antonio T.D. Faison and Jared Davis are independent filmmakers who, along with two other partners, Ryan Singleton and Lance Cospy, had a vision to create the ultimate documentary, 'Are We Famous Yet???'. The cutting edge footage contained in 'Are We Famous Yet???' is an inspiring thrill ride, a powerful chronicle of a true-life, hard-won success story, a gritty and emotional behind-the-scenes look at one team's struggles, detours, heartaches—and ultimately, triumphs--along the crazy, bumpy road towards fulfilling a dream.

In 2011, after achieving some success covering fashion shows during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and film premieres in New York, the four friends decided to pack up a U-Haul van and their dog and travel to Hollywood hoping to make their mark as film producers.

The team began shooting political campaigns and red carpet events for such glitzy award shows as The S.A.G Awards, The N.A.A.C.P Image Awards and The BET Awards. Their behind-the-scenes work on the film, 'Black November', starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger, established their presence in Hollywood. The film was shown in September 2012 at a private screening for the world's dignitaries during UN Week at the United Nations.

Their dream was interrupted by the mysterious disappearance and murder of their friend Ryan Singleton. Ryan's body was found in Baker, California on September 21, 2013. Though devastating to the team, his murder inspired them to help his family in seeking answers about his death. In his honor, the team resolved to keep the dream alive and finish 'Our Guy' (the romantic comedy they started together in Brooklyn). As Faison so emotionally says in the film, "Fame will not define us. Our strength will!"

In homage to 'The Blair Witch Project' shot in the single-camera style, the scenes in 'Are We Famous Yet???' surrounding Ryan's murder are particularly gut-wrenching. Faison says, "After losing Ryan, our goal in sharing the story of the last four years of our lives through this film is to help those dreamers everywhere to understand what it's like to start out with a simple idea and seemingly impossible odds and accomplish something you set your mind to. We were able to put the drive behind the dream, overcoming powerful obstacles and personal demons to go after what we wanted, a piece of The American Dream. 'Are We Famous Yet???' is a blueprint for anyone who ever thought their dreams seemed too far away. It's our way of saying, it's possible. Now go and create."


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