Donlann Baby: Smart Photography System Makes Photography Easier and Disrupts Traditional Photography Paradigm

Nov 03, 2015, 21:36 ET from Donlann Baby

BEIJING, Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Smart photography, a platform-grade system, recently came into being in Beijing. China's support of Industry 4.0 was a key catalyst that created the environment for the development of the system. The inventor is of the opinion that the new system will change the course of history for photography,disrupting the traditional commercial photography paradigm and reshaping the landscape of the photography market.

The system allows the user to bring together the skills of master photographers and eliminate the need to source and hire a professional photographer. Users of the system will be able to take a series photos of children with wild animals in Africa, dancing with insects in the micro world and watching the Supermoon on the back of a flamingo regardless of season, weather or location…… It sounds like a science fiction film. However, smart photography system makes all of these scenarios possible.

On October 28, 2015 in Beijing, Donlann Vision president Kai Wang announced the pre-launch of the smart photography system into the children photography market in a move to allow the next generation to experience the groundbreaking platform-grade smart system. By the end of 2016, Donlann's children photography brand Donlann Baby Photography plans to open 500 stores across mainland China, becoming the first children photography retail chain with a strong presence throughout the country.

Four years ago, 2011, one of the leading Chinese commercial photographers, Kai Wanb, hit upon an idea: Why not make professional photography easier? How could we make it possible to allow everyone to experience superior photography services? Kai Wang and Dr. Rui Dai, who got his Ph.D from UT Austin, aligned their ideas and worked together to develop smart photography system. After four years of hard work, they finally managed to combine professional photography techniques with advanced computer technologies in a unique way, developed the system with capability to create superb works of photography. They realized the special virtual reality technology through leveraging computer-controlled and professionally-tuned camera parameters, positions and 360-degree light compositions, as well as a wide range of matching photography themes. With the highly integrated smart photography system, which has greatly reduced dependency on manual operation, employees with zero knowledge in photography can become fully qualified to use the system after just 30 minutes of training.

How does the smart photography system disrupt the traditional photography paradigm?

Donlann Baby

- invented the reproducible, professional-level and standardized smart photography system, the smart digital photography studio and the portable smart photography device,

- developed the high-quality, standardized and thematically-rich photography management system,

- and has been granted 15 domestic and overseas patents establishing ownership of the intellectual properties of smart photography system.

Smart photography system makes large-scale and professional-quality reproduction of commercial photography possible.

As the pioneer in this area, Donlann Baby's mission is to improve and promote smart photography technologies, designs and applications. The company aims to achieve and surpass customer expectations in the commercial photography and derivative fields, help in changing the concept of "Made in China" into "Created in China", make every effort to dominate the upper end of the value chain in the commercial photography sector and become a global leader in commercial photography. It will continue to invest heavily in research and development of related technologies, products and applications.

China is accelerating its transformation from "Big Manufacturer" to "Powerful Manufacturer" and "Made in China" to "Created in China". Intelligent manufacturing will play a key role in the transformation and serve as a signpost, especially in the transformation of  manufacturing sector. Innovation-driven development and smart transformation are the DNA of Donlann Baby. The company plans to leverage their resources to create smart photography system and help Chinese brands grow more effectively. The company will continue to use advanced technologies from artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics and face recognition and other related areas to develop the next generation of smart photography system.

About the inventors of smart photography system and founders of Donlann Baby:

Kai Wang is the co-founder of Donlann Vision and the inventor of smart photography system. He is one of the most famous commercial photographers in mainland China. He has published over 10,000 photographic works in leading Chinese and international fashion publications. In addition, he is the author of Advanced Photographer's Manual and Authentic Landscapes of China, that were published by China National Geography. 

Dr. Rui Dai graduated from Peking University and UT Austin. He was a tenure-track assistant professor in Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Dai is now responsible for design and development of the software and hardware used in Donlann Baby's smart photography system.

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