Don't Call Them "The Dog Days" -- Sizzling Hot Cocktail Dresses are Perfect Companion for Extreme Summer Heat

As record-breaking summer heat intensifies, so does interest in Jovani's sizzling hot cocktail dresses

Jul 20, 2012, 13:41 ET from Jovani

LOS ANGELES, July 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As summer rolls on there's one thing you can bet on, one of the hottest summers on record is likely to get even hotter and in more ways than one. Hot summer nights means hotter summer cocktail dresses that raise the sexiness index to 100. These amazing works from the design mavens at Jovani are sure to attract plenty of the right kind of attention.

Such traffic stopping evening dresses as the Ombre Beaded Dress offer a large helping of style and dash and plenty of shimmer. This luxuriantly attractive cocktail dress is guaranteed to make attractive women look heartstoppingly gorgeous as it tastefully flatters a young woman's physique.

A sultrier but also more subtle look is exemplified by Jovani's V-neckline beaded cocktail dress. Indeed, if dresses were cocktails, this number would be an Old Fashioned. Like the drink, it's cool, classic, minimalistic, and subtly sweet with a look reminiscent of ingenues of classic Hollywood. Still, lest you fear it's too subtle, the beads give it enough color to keep things popping.

The fashionista revolution never ends, and summer is also a time for gorgeous couture dresses that keep a young lady busy with a look that is guaranteed to make for an interesting night. We're talking about such dresses as Jovani's beaded cut-out dress. While tasteful, this number will have everyone swooning with its super-hot sheer nude underlay and exposed cut-outs located at the hips.

Of course, sad as it may be for young ladies out of school, summer will not last forever. That's why Jovani is keeping up with new additions to its line of homecoming dresses for young ladies in high school and college and amazing year round pageant dresses. These designs keep things jumping with amazing – and amazingly provocative – thigh-high cut-outs that are guaranteed to make the kind of fashion statement no one forgets. (It worked for Angelina Jolie at the Oscars this year; it'll work for you.)

Yes, while the heat of summer will not be everlasting, the fact remains that the Jovani line, and its outstanding website, remains one of the best resources for those fascinated by women's fashions. With direct links to retailers and countless selections, it is easily one of the web's most important fashion resources. Whether you are seeking out something relatively sedate and conservative, or a dress guaranteed to knock the proverbial socks off all who behold it, Jovani is the first place you should look.

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