Don't Let an Argument Behind the Wheel Ruin Your Christmas

Dec 22, 2011, 05:57 ET from Allianz Insurance plc

LONDON, December 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Insurer issues warning as 42% of people admit that in-car rows have ruined their Christmas.

New research* by insurer Allianz Your Cover has revealed that one in five drivers feel more likely to be distracted at the wheel during the festive period while an astonishing 42% admit that in-car rows have ruined their whole Christmas.

Of the 2,000 drivers polled for the insurer Allianz Your Cover, 42% said they felt that the day was spoiled or completely ruined with 41% claiming that the argument was likely to boil-up again once they reached their destination. One quarter said that the average argument lasted just 5 minutes.

Andy James from Allianz Your Cover, comments: "Many people underestimate the impact that having an argument in the car can have on their driving. Quite rightly, there is a big focus on drink driving around the Christmas period but it is also important that motorists acknowledge that other factors could potentially affect their ability to drive safely."

Other survey findings revealed:

  • 43% to have between one and five in-car arguments over the Christmas period
  • 44% of drivers are most likely to argue with their partner
  • 30% of arguments are based on what route to take.

Worryingly, the research also highlighted that 75% of drivers do not check for travel delays before embarking on their journeys and 27% do not see the need of carrying out safety checks on their vehicle before they head out on the road this Christmas.

Andy James continues: "Basic vehicle maintenance checks are something that every driver should be aware of and it is concerning that some people do not even know of the right checks or see it as important. This is not only putting themselves and their passengers at risk but also other drivers on the road.

"Our research suggests that many motorists rely on someone else to complete maintainance checks for them. We urge all drivers to be aware of the appropriate measures that need to be taken during the winter period so that they know what to do should something occur when they are out on the road on their own."

If you are heading out on a long journey in your car this Christmas, Allianz Your Cover advises that motorists carry out the following checks:

  • Make sure the heater, brakes and windscreen wipers are in good working order
  • Make sure your car has more than enough fuel to complete your journey
  • Replace old or worn tyres
  • Replace your car battery if necessary and carry jump leads
  • Add winter items to an emergency kit (including a warning triangle and first aid kit) like blankets and extra jumpers
  • Check the duration of your route carefully and leave earlier to allow for traffic and any hazards that may arise.

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1. A survey of 2,000 UK drivers carried out in December 2011 by One Poll on behalf of Allianz Your Cover.

2. Allianz Insurance is one of the largest general insurers in the UK and part of the Allianz SE Group, the largest property and casualty insurer worldwide. Reassuringly in these uncertain financial times, in July 2011 the Standard and Poor's rating for Allianz Insurance was reaffirmed as AA- with a stable outlook. As of December 2011, the rating of Allianz SE is also AA- with a stable outlook.

3. Allianz Retail provides a wide range of personal lines products distributed through brokers, retailers, affinity partners, veterinary practices and direct marketing. For more information please visit to

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