Door Store America Highlights DIY Home Improvement Hacks

Los Angeles-based door store sheds light on some creative home decor solutions.

Dec 01, 2015, 09:00 ET from Door Store America

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Do-it-yourself home decorating can be exciting, but also daunting -- especially for those who are hard-pressed for inspiration. Often, simply finding some good, creative ideas is half the battle. A recent Bustle article offers a number of unique ways in which homeowners can give their decor a facelift, without having to contract a professional remodeler or interior designer. Now, in a new statement to the press, Door Store America comments on the article and on its suggestions.

"You don't have to spend top dollar on a remodeling company to get a home that sparkles with creativity and personality," comments Albert Bem, President of Door Store America, in the new press statement. "With some ingenuity and resourcefulness, you can make a big impact all on your own."

The Bustle article shares a number of ways in which homeowners can use inexpensive, everyday objects to make their homes shine. One suggestion is to invest in some cheap picture frames to create a "gallery" wall, showcasing pictures of family and friends. Another suggestion is to use mirrors -- invaluable home decor tools that can make a room feel far more spacious.

Even candles can make a big difference, the Bustle article notes. "Candles are another amazingly cheap and easy way to add a personal and cozy decorating touch," the article says. "Place a candle in an old mason jar for a rustic look, or put them up against a few small mirrors for an amplified glow."

Some additional, creative accent solutions include wine bottle lighting and even swatches of stick-on wallpaper, which can be used to give a home a little added color.

Something not in the article, but important for any home decor project: Door replacement. Investing in new interior doors or even exterior doors can cast a familiar room in a whole new light.

"Spending time in a real door store or on a door store website, looking at the different options and finding a style you like, can be the first step toward overhauling the whole room," comments Bem. "A new door may be just the component your room is missing."

Those interested in new doors can see a wide selection of doors at Door Store America's website -- and in fact, the store offers express shipping to most parts of the country.

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