Dotodo, On-demand Courier App and Service Launches in Los Angeles

App is designed to move small packages and shipments faster, cheaper and better.

Dec 16, 2015, 07:00 ET from Dotodo, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Los Angeles based Dotodo, Inc announced the launch of its on-demand courier service today. Dotodo (as in "door to door") allows shippers to send and collect packages through their iOS and Android apps easily and effortlessly. After submitting a picture of the package, the pick up and drop off locations, Dotodo's contract couriers can bid for the delivery job.

From the app's marketplace, senders can choose the fastest, cheapest and highest rated couriers for the delivery. Parcels on the move can be tracked in real time using GPS technology. Delivery is confirmed by the courier's phone camera.

"We're very excited to be entering the brave new world of the on-demand, sharing economy. We're about to disrupt an industry where the last wave of innovation came with the invention of the CB-radio," said Andrew G. Szabo, Dotodo's founder and CEO.

Dotodo's unique market-based pricing offers full transparency and choice to its clients. Their couriers are empowered by setting their own rates depending on their experience, vehicle and even time of the day. "Current rate structures in local shipping are archaic and difficult to understand. Most individuals don't even use local shipping services for that reason," added Szabo, the 46 year old serial entrepreneur, whose earlier digital ventures included and various gaming web sites.

Dotodo is more than just delivery service. The app allows customers to perform basic logistics errands such as returning merchandise to stores, dropping off boxes at postal centers or getting packages picked up and dropped off at various remote locations. In a city where distances can be punishing and time consuming Dotodo is set to fill a void.

After each delivery both the courier and the shipper can rate each other. "We want to make our app a true community where people treat each other with kindness and integrity," said Andrew Szabo. Tipping is not expected and the app has no capacity for tipping. "It is my personal belief that in a free market there's no room for tipping. Tipping is always a sign of exploitation," added the maverick entrepreneur.

After the Los Angeles based live Beta operation, the company plans to roll out its service in New York, Toronto, Chicago, Houston and Montreal by 2016. There's no national or international brand that consumers associate with when it comes to local shipping. "We want to build a global service that's available on your phone, no matter where you are," added the bullish Dotodo CEO. The company also has plans to license its app for mid-size and small urban markets in the US and Canada next year.

Dotodo begins registering car, motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard and pedestrian couriers today and plans to launch the service using by advertising on social and search media as well as radio.

Dotodo, Inc is a disruptive technology company founded in 2015 to change the same day delivery industry.

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