Doubt Cast on Vida Vacations Scam Reports after Hundreds of Guests Vouch for the Travel Provider

Jan 31, 2014, 19:39 ET from

After coming under fire for an alleged fraud occurring at its resorts, Vida Vacations has had the fortune of seeing their customers come out to assert their pleasure with the vacation giant.

CANCUN, Mexico, Jan. 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Vida Vacations, a service providing luxury vacations for travelers around the world, had the displeasure of being the victim of reports accusing the company of misrepresenting itself to its customers. These Vida Vacations scam rumors have been rampant and in today's Internet and social media culture, gossip can be quickly shared between inquisitive customers, regardless of whether or not they are based in fact.

There are not many ways to disprove accusations like these without having each person reading the story make a visit to the resorts in question. However one guaranteed method of disproving a negative story is by having the guests take it upon themselves to record their experiences. This provides vacationers with the opportunity to take an accurate look at how the hotel chain operates before making an informed decision.

Hundreds of guests of the luxury hotels and resorts Vida Vacations operates have vouched for the travel provider with their overwhelmingly positive reviews of the various locations. Their reviews and reports have cast serious doubt on the validity of the Vida Vacations scam rumors, with the guests' positive experiences joining the thousands of favorable reviews already available to read online.

The support of satisfied customers has led to the Vida Vacations resorts being constantly rated among the highest in their areas, with guests giving their approval to everything from the locations to the supportive staff and medical teams that are available. With this many positive mentions, and more being written each week, it shows what fans of the resorts already knew: if the reports of a Vida Vacations scam were true it would be practically impossible for the company to offer a service that this many of their customers find to be among the best available.