Dovetail receives Best of Business Award for 2011 from the Small Business Community Association

Jan 04, 2012, 08:00 ET from Dovetail Insurance Corporation

COLUMBIA, S.C., Jan. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In December the SBCA awarded Dovetail the Best of Business Award for Insurance Consulting and Services.

"Dovetail is pleased to receive this recognition, we are proud of the reputation we have built with our clients as a technology and services provider that delivers new and innovative solutions to the insurance industry. Dovetail is always looking for better ways to help our customers manage their business more efficiently and cost effectively using a very progressive design approach for the services we offer," said Tony Mattioli, President of Dovetail.

As a "Best in Class Provider" Dovetail delivers their services in a SaaS environment.  Dovetail has developed a new, insurance specific, model that is designed to modernize transaction processing by making it less labor intensive and by making information more accessible to all areas of an insurance operation regardless of the function. This means that marketing, underwriting, accounting, management, claims, the actuarial departments and all other units of the company will have the access to the information that they need to drive the success of their company.

Dovetail's solution offers automated portals with sophisticated processing capabilities, well defined efficient workflow management and centralized data management that is easily integrated to policy administration systems, claims systems, MGA systems, billing systems, and all other back office systems. The Dovetail solution is designed to provide information to support any functional area of an insurance operation in formats that make sense for their particular purpose. Dovetail's services can support an entire insurance operation or provide a more targeted solution that addresses specific areas of an operation depending on the clients need.

Steve Francis, Chief Executive Officer of Dovetail Insurance added, "Dovetail is committed to finding the best way to process insurance transactions. Our goal is to continue developing a model that will change the way the insurance industry does business, reducing costs by fully automating tasks through advanced insurance processing workflows supported by the latest technologies."

About Dovetail Insurance Corporation

Dovetail Insurance Corporation was formed in November, 2006 and is a privately held insurance services and technology company headquartered in Columbia, SC.  Dovetail's insurance transaction processing capabilities include complete back end processing components for insurance carriers, insurance program development and administration. Dovetail also provides insurance back office services for policy administration and deployment of MGA or carrier designed programs using fully functional advanced technologies that offer quick, seamless and cost effective implementations. Dovetail's SaaS business model allows MGA's and insurance companies to innovate and then execute their plans of entering new markets without delay or major financial investments upfront. They choose the desired functionality and method of deployment either an internal, external or hybrid cloud. For more information go to our website at


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