Dow Jones Pauses For Breath - Futures Flat Ahead Of Open: Small Cap Stock Focus Ahead Of The Bell: AMR Corp, Green Innovations, Swingplane Ventures, Red Giant Entertainment, MiMedx Group

Mar 11, 2013, 09:35 ET from

LONDON, March 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The Dow Jones Industrial average traded to multiple highs on Wall Street in heavy trading last week with global markets following suit.  Investors on the sidelines are keen to see if this rally can continue into this week with some analysts calling for Dow fifteen thousand by the end of the month.  There are equally as many analysts predicting the classic Bear Trap with big down days and a slide in the markets to follow.  

AMR Corp continued to trade in a tight range to close trading last week, however shares jumped higher every day and the volume really returned to the stock in the last trading session with $30 million exchanging hands.  AMR Corp was higher Friday by 5% to close at $3.10 per share which is a run over 50% just last week once more for the stock.

Green Innovations was one of the most heavily traded stocks on the OTC markets once more with shares trading over $23 million on the street and shares seeing one of the best recoveries in recent times for a micro-cap name. Green Innovations was also trading to the upside by 5% after shares climbed from $1.28 last week when we released our last report to $1.82.  On this latest comeback for shares of Green Innovations the stock has more than doubled in price over the last trading week.  Investors will be keen to see if the stock can build on this in the week ahead.

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Swingplane Ventures had a terrible day trading to close the week with shares trading lower on heavy volume.  Swingplane was lower by 34% on over $11 million traded in what looked like a big selling day in the name.  It looks unlikely at this point that shares in Swingplane will bounce back to levels that we have seen the stock do in recent trading sessions.

Red Giant Entertainment managed a double digit day to the upside going into trading on Monday with shares rising 10% to close the week.  Shares of Red Giant have traded down below 0.10 cents from over 0.30 cents just over a week ago so it remains to be seen if the stock can trade back to higher levels in this heavily predicted week on the street.

MiMedx Group was back in the top five volume stocks to close the week and will be looking for follow through going into this week's trading ahead of the bell.  Shares in MiMedx Group were higher by 3% on $2.4 million traded; we will be tracking the stock this week to see if it can continue to trade higher on heavy volume trading.

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