Dr. Ashraf Hanna Featured in New Documentary, Trial By Fire, Showcasing How IV Ketamine is Successfully Treating CRPS / RSD Patients

Jan 29, 2016, 08:45 ET from www.nopainhanna.com

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- A new documentary, Trial By Fire, just premiered in Tampa, Florida that explores the Chronic Pain condition, CRPS / RSD.   

Dr. Ashraf Hanna, a board certified physician and director of pain management at the Florida Spine Institute in Clearwater, Florida discusses this terrible disease; "CRPS or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a devastating disease and one of the most painful of conditions. The pain is complex and the patient has a lot of hypersensitivity - even touching the bed sheets can result in excruciating pain. The pain is out of proportion to the original injury, with swelling, temperature and skin color changes, as well as weakness and muscle atrophy. It is regional because it usually affects one limb, but unfortunately spreads to the rest of the body. Some patients describe the pain as worse than child birth on the Magill pain scale," said Dr. Hanna.

"IV Ketamine Infusion therapy is an excellent treatment for patients suffering from CRPS and other forms of neuropathies as well. The treatment simply blocks receptors in the brain that are responsible for releasing chemicals that cause inflammation of the nervous system that in turn can cause painful symptoms. What makes our program different is that we incorporate physical therapy so that we not only improve pain, but also improve function, and we have seen amazing results. We want patients to get their life back and live productive, fulfilling lives," said Dr. Hanna.

"IV Ketamine is also very effective in treating Fibromyalgia – we have a patient who has been pain free for one year. We also have treated a Lyme disease patient with excellent results. This patient spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on other treatments that failed to help until she began IV Ketamine," stated Dr. Hanna.

The premiere took place at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel during a red carpet reception with host Film Director Charles Mattocks, Dr. Ashraf Hanna, Nancy Cotterman (Founder CRPS Partners In Pain), Jim Broach (Director RSDSA.com), CRPS patients and their families in a very nice gathering.

Prior to the main feature, a short preview movie was shown featuring patients that had very successful treatments with IV Ketamine therapy. "While IV Ketamine is not a cure for CRPS, it offers green lights where there was no hope. Our goal is not only to reduce pain and increase function, but to offer hope to patients that may have already begun to contemplate suicide," stated Dr. Hanna.

The main feature followed several CRPS patient stories as well as Charles Mattocks' mother Constance Marley, sister of the late reggae singer Bob Marley. The focus of the film was to show the gritty reality and daily struggle each CRPS pain patient endures.

After the documentary, a question and answer session followed with Charles Mattocks, Nancy Cotterman and Dr. Ashraf Hanna. Several great questions were answered regarding CRPS and IV Ketamine.

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