Dr. Brown's™ New Healthy Wipes Clean Naturally

On-the-go wipes are made with gentle, plant-based xylitol

Oct 25, 2013, 09:00 ET from Handi-Craft Company

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Brown's® new Healthy Wipes provide convenient cleaning for a variety of baby's needs with the use of effective and natural xylitol. The line features Tooth & Gum, Nose & Face and Pacifier & Bottle wipes – each designed with natural ingredients that discourage harmful bacteria through gentle cleaning.

Healthy Wipes contain plant-based xylitol which provides a variety of health benefits without the use of alcohols or parabens. The organically-derived sweetener is made from plants, fruits and vegetables and is recommended by doctors, dentists and health professionals to prevent tooth decay, children's ear infections, asthma and allergies. Dr. Brown's Healthy Wipes offer an effective cleaning tool that parents and their little ones can take anywhere with peace of mind. All Dr. Brown's Healthy Wipes are made in the U.S.A.

Tooth & Gum Wipes
Dr. Brown's Tooth & Gum Wipes, suited for delicate oral skin, gently remove plaque from baby's mouth while xylitol discourages harmful bacteria. Dr. Brown's designed these wipes to create a healthy environment for new and emerging teeth and establish a good dental care routine.

"Dr. Brown's Healthy Wipes are part of a good preventive strategy for young children," explains pediatric dentist Dr. John Davis. "In my experience, caregivers can more easily remove plaque from a child's front teeth with a wipe than with a brush."

Parents can safely clean baby's teeth and gums with the grape-flavored wipes after feeding. This also protects against "bottle mouth" and helps relieve teething soreness. Healthy Wipes are fluoride free, which makes the solution safe to swallow and use around all surfaces of the mouth. 

Nose & Face Wipes
Dr. Brown's Nose & Face Wipes gently remove both dirt and germs from baby's face. The pediatrician-tested xylitol wipes soothe and moisturize sore, stuffy noses and help dissolve mucus caused by allergies, the common cold or a case of the sniffles. In addition, Healthy Wipes prevent pollutants and irritants from sticking to the nasal tissue to keep baby's nose clear and healthy.

Parents can safely use these wipes on baby's face and nose area as well as on the inside and outside edges of the nostrils. An ideal alternative to dry tissues, Nose & Face Wipes are made with naturally-soothing calendula and aloe to calm irritated or dry skin. These alcohol- and paraben-free wipes also contain no phthalates, making them gentle on baby's face and eyes.

Pacifier & Bottle Wipes
Parents can clean bottles, pacifiers, teethers, cups and toys safely and effectively with Dr. Brown's Pacifier & Bottle Wipes. These xylitol wipes reduce bacterial transfer and help maintain good oral health to prevent tooth decay. The non-toxic wipes contain natural components – no alcohol, parabens, formaldehydes or sodium laureth sulfate – so items can be safely cleaned and put in baby's mouth without having to rinse or dry, making them ideal for stashing in the car, purse or baby bag.

All Dr. Brown's Healthy Wipes are recommended for children from birth to age 24 months. Dr. Brown's Healthy Wipes are now available at independent and mass retail stores. For more information about Dr. Brown's, visit www.drbrownsbaby.com or visit Facebook. To learn more about xylitol and its benefits, visit www.xylitolbenefits.com.

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