Dr. Fischer Opens Dedicated Store On Amazon (www.drfischer.com); Global Brand Also Expands U.S. Retail Distribution of World's Most Advanced Skin and Eye Care Products

Mar 26, 2014, 16:19 ET from Dr. Fischer

NEW YORK, March 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Fischer announced today the opening of a dedicated store on Amazon for sales of the world's most advanced skin and eye care products. 

American consumers will be able to purchase Dr. Fischer products online at www.drfischer.com as well as at Dr. Fischer stores on Amazon and eBay.

Over the past two years, Dr. Fischer products have scored hits at various exhibitions, including "Total Health 2014" in Miami with thousands of people attending.

Dr. Fischer also is a great proponent of peace and his endeavors include an exhibit of International Artists works entitled "The Art For Peace Collection" and a published album entitled "Artists-Messengers of Peace."

The pharmaceutical company he founded in 1964 has commenced operations at the most advanced skin care products plant in Israel in which his company has invested nearly $14 million.

Dr. Fischer manufactures and distributes to more than 30 countries worldwide a broad range of eye care products, including Dr. Fischer Eye-Care for babies and adults, along such skin care products as the most advanced sun screens and other applications.

Dr. Fischer began exports to the United States, selling its products under its own brand name around 18 months ago. 

Prior to that, Dr. Fischer's international activities focused on the production and export of products for private labels in U.S. Australia and Europe.

Dr. Fischer has now made it possible for consumers to purchase products under its own brand name in the U.S. at www.drfischer.com, via its own Amazon account.

Dr. Fischer recently opened a large facility in the Galilee to accommodate exporting of his products to Europe and America, thereby creating hundreds of new jobs in northern Israel.

The plant, which is the most advanced cosmetics plant in Israel, is intended to provide the additional production capacity required to meet the company's planned export requirements in the future.

All Dr. Fischer's plants meet the most stringent European, U.S. and international regulations. The company has purchased an additional 30,000 sq. meters of land which will house all Dr. Fischer's plants in one complex.

Dr. Fischer is known in Israel for his philanthropic efforts to help foster children in distress.  He will be coming to America this month to promote his products and his book "The Man Behind The Logo."

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