Dr. Jan Linhart Recieves Critical Acclaim For Revolutionary Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Nov 07, 2013, 16:35 ET from Dr. Jan Linhart, DDS

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The dental practice of Dr. Jan Linhart, DDS, has received yet another stellar review for the PearlinBrite Laser Teeth Whitening treatment. Featured October 4th on the popular Manhattan lifestyle blog IN New York, contributor Lois Levine detailed her experience after visiting Linhart Dentistry. Ms. Levine's review was aglow with the details of the comfortable, luxurious treatment that she received while at Dr. Linhart's Park Avenue Office.

"Wow! My teeth were indeed dramatically whiter than when I walked in," Ms. Levine exclaimed as she reported what she saw as she looked in a mirror immediately following the PearlineBrite Treatment.

Amazingly, Dr. Linhart reports that results like these are typical of his clients. "I personally designed the PearlinBrite Laser Teeth Whitening process to suite the needs of my clients, who live high achieving and fast paced lives, and desire quick results with maximum effectiveness."

In the review, Ms. Levine walks the reader through her journey as she received the PearlinBrite Laser Teeth Whitening treatment, from the hallways of the stately Helmsely Building where Dr. Linhart's dental practice is located, through the cozy waiting area decorated with Persian carpets and plush sofas, and finally into the private room where she received her whitening treatment.

Dr. Linhart has come to specialize in two separate kinds of top-of-the-line laser treatments, and has created three different laser-specific gels in order to achieve the maximum success in brightening the smiles of his elite client base. During her visit, Ms. Levine received the PearlinBrite Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment utilizing PearlinBrite whitening gel, which was designed by Dr. Linhart to be extremely effective while simultaneously gentle on sensitive gums and teeth. The article describes how PearlinBrite whitening gel was applied to the author's teeth with a protective gum barrier in place, and how a blue laser was then shone directly onto the author's teeth during the process.

Ms. Levine described her experience as a "completely comfortable process," as she was guided through the steps of the treatment, and she was even given noise cancellation headphones for maximum relaxation while dental hygienists monitored her progress and attended to her needs.

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SOURCE Dr. Jan Linhart, DDS