Dr Jean Louis Robinson: Medical Investment is Critical to Regaining Madagascar's Strength

Sep 19, 2013, 05:00 ET from Ravalomanana 2013

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar, September 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --


  • Poor healthcare provision will hamper Madagascar's recovery
  • Elections are an opportunity to heal the country and open a new chapter
  • The people must be free to choose the right leader

Inadequate healthcare provision and poor health education will prevent Madagascar from getting back on its feet, warns Dr Jean Louis Robinson, Presidential Candidate for the AVANA party.

Although infant and maternal mortality rates have gradually fallen in recent years and healthcare facilities across the island have improved, the prevalence of Malaria and other infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, is still a major problem for Madagascar.

 Speaking in Antananarivo today, Dr Jean Louis Robinson has highlighted the severity of this issue and its implications for the future of Madagascar: "This year's presidential elections are a symbol of hope for Madagascar, and mark the start of a new chapter that will restore prosperity and political stability to our country.

"However, the journey to recovery is not going to be easy, and improving the health of our nation is essential to helping Madagascar regain its strength. Access to medical treatment is a basic human right, but for too long the Malagasy people have suffered from inadequate access to healthcare and have not been provided with the advice and support they need to prevent themselves from becoming sick.

"This has had a devastating impact on Madagascar.  Sickness has prevented many people from working and earning money for their families, and many more have died, often unnecessarily, from preventative diseases."

If elected, Dr Robinson will prioritise investment into increasing the number of healthcare facilities nationwide, along with improving the quality of existing hospitals and medical treatment centres. This is the mainstay of his manifesto, along with increasing access to education for Madagascar's youth, developing the country's economy through investment into industry and manufacturing and a strategy to attract international foreign direct investment.

Dr Jean Louis Robinson is a candidate for the AVANA party in Madagascar. The Mouvance is supporting Dr Robinson's campaign after its candidate, Madame Lalao Ravalomanana, was forced to withdraw from the presidential race in August.

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